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2005-02-01 Pictures of today!
Hey buddies!

Last night we got a visit by fellow rockers Marit Bergman and Cecilia Nordlund. They made some fine background vocals on a slow track named... no thatís a secret.

Nina is doing vocals at the moment, Peterís going through his endless stream of guitartakes and neither Bengt or Lasse are to be found.
I am having a relaxed day, just waiting for tonightís hockey game with the Kockum mighty seagulls.
Marco from the Gula studio is on his way with the Swedish delicacy "Semla".
Thatís a sweet bun filled with marsipan and whipped cream.
A fine way to celebrate a tuesday afternoon if you ask me!

Until tomorrow, take care hombres!
Nina The girls Marco 1 Marco 2
Nina The girls Marco 1 Marco 2