Vote Cardigans for the best Swedish song of the decade

Swedish national radio station P3 is holding a poll to select the 25 best Swedish songs of the decade. You can vote for "For What It's Worth" and "You're the Storm" to make it on the final list. A Camp's "I Can Buy You" is also eligible.

The list is updated and shortened every week until new-year's eve when the final 25 songs will be revealed, so remember to go to P3's website and vote every week!

Here is the website:

This is primarily for the Swedish fans, but for you international fans: scroll to the bottom of the page and write down the numbers of the songs you want to vote for in the fields marked "Låtval". The order is not important. You can vote for 10 songs maximum. Don't forget to enter your e-mail address in the field marked "Mejladress".

Let's get The Cardigans on some top positions!
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