liveshots from Lund

Yes folks, it was pretty awesome and scary to be back on stage
But thanks to our qualities as a band and a wonderful crowd at Mejeriet in Lund the gig was great.

Here are some B/W pics from that night taken by my dear friend Frida Leander. The main picture ( the one in colour) is taken by Olle Enqvist/Rockfoto

I don´t know if we shall reveal the extrasongs we play or not? Guess if some people don´t wanna have the surprises spoiled? If you wanna know, I am sure you guys could find out!

Tonight in Denmark, hurrah!

Take care

The Band thru Mags ( as ususal )

Below is a link for more shots from the show. Tack Rockfoto för att vi fick ha kvar bilden på vår site!

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