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The Cardigans @ Universal Portugal

MAGNUS LINKS TIP (My favourite band from Nashville) (Singer songwriter David Eugene Edwards´band projects) (Soundtrack of our lives is a nice band and good friends of ours) (The wonderbabes of Monty´s. So nice people & a fine band) (Jose Gonzalez is a nice guy and a fine artist!) ( the best band ever from Sweden) (Here´s the site of The Knife and Jenny Wilson! Great!) ( Nathan´s site for his great filmscores!) (Where we recorded our last album) (Where we recorded our earlier records) (super great swede band!) (Where I write about swedish icehockey!) ( My first signing as A&R!, great band from Malmö!) (My hockeybockey team Kockum Mighty Seagulls) (The fanclub of the Plötsligt i Vinslöv movie!) (This is Martin Renck, the album and video AD homepage) ( Jon Audarson of Reykyavik makes cool stuff!) ( Nudie of Gothenburg makes cool stuff too!) (Velour of Gothenburg makes very nice stuff too!) ( A site for Magnus´solo project)