Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
For the first time in a long long time I am posting a message on our own page! I just wanted to let you all know that Im very happy about your interest in our band and our music.
I cant wait to get the new album out! I m so extremely proud of it. I think its by far the best we have made so far. What makes me very happy as well, is that the mood in the band is on top. We are all very excited to get the music out, and to eventually go on tour. Its just a really really good time to be in The Cardigans right now.
The surfs up!
Ok, just wanted to let you know!
Take care!
By: Bengt Lagerberg
Animal Five video!
Yeah man, I made a video for our friends in Animal Five!
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Thank you Japan!
Back home in Sweden again, we wanna thank the audience of Tokyo and Osaka.
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Tokyo crazy!
yeah man! Weve been rolling Tokyo guitar stores and bars since we came here two days ago....
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