The Cardigans TV Schedule

Below is a list of TV the band has done/will do soon
15/1 SVT Musikbyrån (reportage + akustiskt gig)
27/1 TV3/ZTV Rockbjörnen (first performance of ‘For what its worth’)
11/2 TV4 The Cardigans documentary
12/2 ZTV Wimans
12/2 Livechat at 14:00 - 15:00
13/2 TV4 Nyheterna (reportage)
13/2 SVT Kulturnyheterna
14/2 TV4 Nyhetsmorgon
15/2, 16/2, 18/2 MTV Morning Glory
16/2 SVT Söndagsöppet
21/2 ZTV ‘Orvar dammar av’
24/3 MTV Nordic Cardigans Day
Other news is that the video for “For What It’s Worth” is on MTV Nordic Fresh rotation from Monday, 3 February - which means 80 plays/week, so there’s a good chance to see it then.
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