Welcome to the new cardigans.com

Hello all Cardigans fans, and welcome to the new website here at www.cardigans.com
Here's a few words of whats's new.
As you all can see, we've got a brand new design for the website. This is to reflect the upcoming single "I Need Some Fine Wine...." and album "Super Extra Gravity".

We have also got a new platform for the site. Beacuse of this you have to re-register to be able to use all interactive features, such as our forums, private messages, personal profiles and more.
As a registred member you will also be invited to e.g. contests later on and receive exclusive information from the band.

Click here to sign up now!

This will take you less than two minutes and is of course free of charge :)

Please note that your previous username might be taken by someone else. If so, please think of a new, or simply add a dash ( - ) or underscore ( _ ) to your old name and it will probably go through.

We have separated the official news and the band's weblog, which now can be found under menu NEWS / Cardigans blog.

The new forum has "avatars" and editing functions, as many of you missed before.

An image gallery has been set up where you will find all your favourite Cardigans pix. More photos will be added.

We are still to fill the site with more stuff but we hope you like it this far.

Seeya around!
The webcrew
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