This is my first visit at the new site, a little freaky actually!
Hope you guys have found the site cool and stuff. it will probably take a few days until it´s in order but hey! we got a new site!

Things in Malmö are fine! I got to see and groove to Tinariwen last night, they were totally amazing! Super groovy stuff but probably not for everyone. Still a lot of Malmö people came down to see them and the circus tent really rocked.

I am off to bed to cure my cranky back, hope you guys are well and once again, welcome to the new site!

yours truly

By: Magnus Sveningsson
Animal Five video!
Yeah man, I made a video for our friends in Animal Five!
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Thank you Japan!
Back home in Sweden again, we wanna thank the audience of Tokyo and Osaka.
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Tokyo crazy!
yeah man! We´ve been rolling Tokyo guitar stores and bars since we came here two days ago....
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