The real Nina

The real Nina
Hello, friends! Isn't our new homepage just gorgeous?
Our man Magnus II (not the bass player) made it with some aesthetic assistance from Martin Renck, who also made the new record sleeve and the video.
I am the terrible when it comes to communicating with you all, I apologize for this. I will try to get better, with some will force and some threats from Magnus (the bass player!). It's not that I don't care, I'm just a bit scared of computers and I keep forgetting my password.
At the moment, I am in a hotel room in Stockholm. We have started the press trip for the upcoming record, so today I have talked and talked to journalists about what le fuck we have done... I really hope that you will like the music we are about to give to you. The single that you might already have heard, "I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer", is a pretty direct pop song with not a whole lot to add to, but there's more stories in the album.

I'm sorry that I've been such a lousy friend to y'all. I will try to get better. Thanks for hanging around, everyone! I do read what you write and I love it.

Yours, Nina

P.S. That blog of mine that I read about in the forum is not mine, someone is using my name. Just so you know. But all posts there made me really moved. I'm right here. D.S.
By: Nina Persson
Animal Five video!
Yeah man, I made a video for our friends in Animal Five!
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Thank you Japan!
Back home in Sweden again, we wanna thank the audience of Tokyo and Osaka.
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Tokyo crazy!
yeah man! We´ve been rolling Tokyo guitar stores and bars since we came here two days ago....
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