Ive seen the video!
Hi again!

Hope youre having a good time with the new site!
I really enjoy it!

As I wrote the other day I feel great about the single finally being aired on radio and I hope you guys got to catch it! Though I read on the forum that some of you are still trying to hear it. Call your radio station and ask for it! Its gonna make the world a better place!!!!!......hmmm...

Anyway, today we did some Swedish promo and finished of by going to the editing room to watch a rough cut of the new video clip. Its looking fantastic!!!!
I guess you should be able to see it next week.

Its an exciting time!


P.S The Picture of Lasse has nothing to do with anything. Infact its five years old and I just happends to like it. Im sure hes fine with it.....
By: Peter Svensson
Animal Five video!
Yeah man, I made a video for our friends in Animal Five!
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Thank you Japan!
Back home in Sweden again, we wanna thank the audience of Tokyo and Osaka.
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Tokyo crazy!
yeah man! Weve been rolling Tokyo guitar stores and bars since we came here two days ago....
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