photos from Stockholm promo

photos from Stockholm promo

Hey all!
Just got back from Paris with Nina and look, I got mail from fine photographer Martin Adolfsson!
He took the pix for the free musicpaper Groove, real nice pics if you ask me.
There will be some great shots from Paris aswell in a short while, I am
just waiting for Maude at Universal France to mail me a pic of me, nina and the
Eiffel tower. Eiffel is the one in the middle...

Hope you guys are well, Paris was well nice as expected but they arenīt too sharp at english there. The Universal crew are great fun though, the head (Santi) of the department used to be the drummer of Mano Negra! You might get a clue of the positive madness going on in the office! :-)

But now I will dive deep in my sofa with Six feet under box set 3.
Donīt you dare disturb me!

Til next time


visit martinīs site !
By: Magnus Sveningsson
Animal Five video!
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Thank you Japan!
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Tokyo crazy!
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