Glamourous line-up!

Glamourous line-up!

The gig at Globe arena last night was...hmm different. Lots of 14 year old girls, all the boys probably stayed home to watch the football game...
Since we performed playback, boring but safe, we could experiment a little (a lot) with our line up. Peter and Lasse were busy with their kids and arrived late to the show. So what to do during soundcheck and camera rehearsals? Get some new talent right!
On the first check we had Dennis the backline man and Zok the (former) tourmanager on guitars and keyboards. No pics of that spectacle but we got this thanks to Annele Hencz of Stocktown records!

Our dear Eva was there to perform with Eva Dahlgren and Howling Pelle Almqvist was there to howl with the Hives. They were so happy to join us for that extra glimpse of limelight! :-) Pelle took his job very seriously and even asked for riff assistance. Eva of course knew how to play FWIW but got a little lost during Fine Wine... No wonder, she´s never heard it before.

it was well nice to meet a lot of friends in other bands and a joy to watch Zlatan strike that gamewinning goal at the last minute versus Hungary!

Still great to be back home in Malmö again, nice and slow. And warm! Indian summer!

Til next time, enjoy these pics!


By: Magnus Sveningsson
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