Kjellvander / Persson duet

Nina has contributed vocals to Swedish singer/songwriter Christian Kjellvander's upcoming album "Faya", released on October 19.
The song in question, called "Roaring 40's" is an inner dialogue between the main character of the record and that which he wants to leave behind but can't escape, represented by Nina's voice. Kjellvander says the following about working with Nina.

- I suspected she was the one to do it well but it turned out better than I could ever imagine. Nina has a fantastic voice with a brittle sensualism that is dirty but still na´ve. She sounds cool but insecure at the same time.

On her side Nina says:

- We've been talking about doing something together for a long time. And now was a good time. He's a mean singer.

Christian Kjellvander is perhaps best known to Cardigans' fans for having been the supporting act on several live shows during the 2003 European tour.
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