Q&A from SR Festivalen

During the live performance at Kungsträdgården 2 weeks ago there was also space for a short interview. Find the questions and answers here.
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It's been 11 years since you broke through, if I've counted the years right. In 1994 you were aired on the radio for the first time, here in P3, on a show called "Hassan" lead by Kristian Luuk. Do you remember that Peter?
Peter: Yes. I was really nervous right before they were going to air us.

Peter: I don't know. It's pretty strange when you consider that the song already had been recorded and... well, what could go wrong? But I was really nervous! I've never been as nervous after that.

Things can go wrong when we play songs on the radio you know.
Peter: Well, yes... but maybe it's not very likely.

The song was Rise & Shine. Nina, how was it to hear The Cardigans on the radio for the first time?
Nina: I don't remember if I actually heard it in real-time or if I taped it. But it was fantastic of course.

That was in 1994. Since then you've had enormous success with First Band on the Moon, Gran Turismo and also Long Gone Before Daylight which was your last album. You've sold millions of records. How do you feel now when you've completed a new album? How was it to record it? Did you think "It's cool, we know this, no problem" or was it "How are we going to live up to our reputation?"
Peter: I guess there's always some kind of tension and it's always something of a leap to make a new record. But this time around I do think that we were pretty... I think we just enjoyed it and had a lot of fun in the studio.

If you compare with the last one, the fairly calm Long Gone Before Daylight, what similarities and what differences are there compared to the new one, Super Extra Gravity?
Peter: The new record is quite simply a bit more "super extra" in a way. There's a bit more of everything. It's a bit more "rubbing the wrong way". You could maybe perceive it as a bit tougher.

The broadcast from yesterday, September 24, will be available on P3's website for a limited time. http://www.sr.se/p3/srfestivalen
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