Interview and review in Nöjesguiden

The October 2005 issue of Swedish magazine Nöjesguiden features not only a rather humorous interview with the band but also the first review of Super Extra Gravity.
Here are some selected Q&As:

Nina, wasn't your husband disappointed? A hairy American marries a gorgeous blonde only to wake up next to a pale and black-haired indie chick that doesn't shave her armpits a few years later. Goddamn!
Nina: But I do shave my armpits! You even had people sending in letters to the editor because of that picture where you could see my armpits, and they were shaven. That's how it was! But yeah, I think he's disappointed.
Peter: In fact he's told me that he is.
Nina: In the past I always had boyfriends that everyone else in the band though "what a pompous bastard that guy is." Now with Nathan they sit and whine over me together.
Peter: Like; "You that know her, what do we do about it?"
Nina: When he's tired of me he runs over to them and asks them what to do to put me on the spot.


A colleague of yours claims that you always have meticulous backup recordings at your live gigs so that you always can get the perfect sound like if a string breaks or if you're feeling weak that day. What kind of coward crap is that?
Nina: Have you really heard that. Haha, what a story!
Magnus: I think it's The Stones you're thinking of.
Peter: But maybe we should start doing that. It sounds great. No, here's the thing: During the last tour we has this contraption with us that recorded all the concerts. On eight channels so we could play the recordings as well. What we did was that when Nina's throat was ill we soundchecked with an old gig. But sure, you never know, it's possible that our sound-tech was playing the same thing all the time.

Talking about perfectionism. Before Long Gone Before Daylight you made a record that you burned at the stake in true Lee Perry spirit. Rock on!
Peter: Yes, we actually did.
Magnus: But Lee Perry burned down his whole studio as a matter of fact.
Peter: It was more about us not meeting our expectations, so we erased the hard-drive and began from the top.
Magnus: It was the same songs. But it sounded horrible. Like Moneybrother.
Nina: What is it my brother calls Moneybrother?... Hat-and-horns-rock!
Peter: That's hilarious! Hahaha!


Which member of the band would be most suitable for a reality show?
Nina: It would be incredibly boring with anyone of us.
Bengt: It would get no sponsors.
Magnus: But I would like to see Lasse as a host on an entertainment show. Not a lot of people know it but he's one of the funniest guys on earth.
Lasse: I'll do that! I'll buy myself some radio-time. That would be kinda cocky and cool.
Peter: But maybe Magnus could be in a reality-show. At least he's single.
Nina: And has the most sex.
Magnus: But I don't have enough torso to be in a reality show.
Peter: What did you say, most sex? I beg to differ!


There has been a pronounced upswing in reproduction in the past few years. How has the pitter-patter of little feet changed The Cardigans?
Peter: We've had to plan our work more. It's not like we've done it in the past, but you can't just go away to the Bahamas for six months to sit in a weird studio smoking pot at this point.
Magnus: Like Happy Mondays did.

So now The Cardigans have gone all Procter&Gamble and become a corporation?
Nina: No, we don't do that stuff. We do our thing and then others can take care of all the other stuff. We don't have a business in that sense.
Magnus: I think it's different from band to band. Like The Hives who, as far as I know, don't have a manager, they're a strong unity that nobody messes with. We're more like... a sea anemone.
Nina: We are!?
Magnus: Yeah everyone knows that. In a sense we're all business managers but in a kind of hippie way. We don't have big marketing strategy meetings.
Nina: Always when we have to make decisions and it's all five of us we end up getting a twenty percent minority on everything. Maybe we are a business, but a lousy one. Slow and lousy.



And here are some quotes from the review:

"The new album, Super Extra Gravity, picks up where Long Gone... left off but ends up far away from it. Instead of caressing the instruments as before the band is now pounding them, and if the last album was sad this one is pissed off. It's still mature and unpolished but it's more playful and straggling."

"There is not a governing idea that runs throughout the songs, they all live their own lives and fight their own demons."

"The best song is In the Round, it sticks like velcro with its handclaps and haunting guitar hook. <...> And the soon-to-be classics Overload and Losing a Friend, the latter a simply wonderful song with a simply wonderful thorny guitar-fuelled ending and on top of it Nina's wonderful voice 'oh no, you're losing a friend, I am losing you'. I could die! <...> But then you change the song and fall in love again and again. Every song is a different universe that reaches for the number one spot."


If you understand Swedish you can read the complete interview and review by picking up a copy of Nöjesguiden, it's free, or by checking out their website.

Find the complete article here and the complete review here.
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