Excerpts from the chat today

Nina and Magnus were kind enough to answer some questions in a chat on Aftonbladet's website today. Find some relevant and not so relevant excerpts from that here.
You're great! Nina, what made you abandon your blonde hair?
Thanks! I got tired of going to the salon all the time to bleach the roots.

Did you have any special sources of inspiration for your songs this time around?
Lars Ulrich and Dusty Springfield.

Will you tour in England soon?
Yes, we hope we get to go there in the spring. Wolverhampton awaits!

Hi Nina! Will there ever be a new record with A Camp? Or was it a one-off thing?
I'd love to make more music without the lovely Cardigan-boys, but I don't think it will be called A Camp.

Do you think the right person won the Nobel prize in litterature?
No, we were hoping for Joyce Carol Oates.

Hey you! How do you feel now right before the album is released? Isn't it nervous to think that people may not like your new material? I wish you good luck and I'll definitely be buying the album. Hugs.
Thanks for the good luck! It is a bit nervous but mostly it's great. Now we just want to know if anyone gets what we've done!

Hi! Your sound is pretty unique, but from what other artists/bands do you get inspiration?
The influences come in the arrangement-stage and this time it was Pixies, Dusty Springfield, Roy Orbison and Sonic Youth in different songs. We think it's pretty apparent!

According to you, what's the best song you've ever done?
Don't Blame Your Daughter on the new album. Or maybe 03.45 No Sleep on the last one.

Hi hi! I just wanted to know what it's like to be famous and if people recognize you a lot.
I, Nina Elisabet Persson, am so distracted that I don't really notice it that often.

Hi Cardigans! I wonder if you're going to release the new album all over the world, for example in the U.S.A. And how big are you in the U.S.A.?
How big is the U.S.A.?

Do you still play Sabbath Bloody Sabbath live these days?
Eh, it's been a while but I don't think I'd mind it. It's a nice cover!

Are you millionaires?
That depends on the currency.

Which music videos are your favorites?
Our own videos or Johnny Cash's Hurt.

What song are you most tired of playing live?
Hey! Get Out of My Way, maybe.

Your new video is great! What is the next one going to be?
We don't really know yet, but Bergman is going to direct it.

I just wanted to wish Sweden's most beautiful woman and her band good luck with the new album and ask if they think that it's just as fun to be in The Cardigans as it was in the beginning of their careers.
Yes, it's incredibly fun to be The Cardigans today. I recommend it!

Thanks, that's all from us. Now we have to go home and put on make-up. Buy the album! That is all. Kisses!
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