Warsaw pt. one

Warsaw pt. one

Hey folks! Funny how things turn out. Lasse and Peter got the hideous Winter vomit disease....
And the rest of us flew to Warsaw to playback a little in front of the entire Polish fashion posse. Good thing we brought our friends Dennis and Claes with us.
Dennis is our old time guitar tech and Claes is Nina´s kid brother just so you know.

With Peter away I had to do the backing vocals on Fine Wine, tricky to mime and play bass at the same time... Just look at Sting! ;-)

More pics tomorrow!


By: Magnus Sveningsson
Animal Five video!
Yeah man, I made a video for our friends in Animal Five!
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Thank you Japan!
Back home in Sweden again, we wanna thank the audience of Tokyo and Osaka.
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Tokyo crazy!
yeah man! We´ve been rolling Tokyo guitar stores and bars since we came here two days ago....
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