modem probs solved

modem probs solved

hey people! I´ve been cursing ADSL and every other combination of letters I could think of...
But now I got the net going again. Not the airport of course, why should that be working with this new ADSL modem I got? ;-) Hope someone can help me out soon..

But some things have happened. We went to do TV4 morning show this saturday and I smashed the E string after aprox 5 seconds into Fine Wine... No extra bass so I just stepped out of picture, not much else to do... The rest of the guys had to do it without me and it went ok. Seems like everyone thought it was great, maybe I am not needed anymore?

Then we went straight to the video recording. After 5-6 hours of make up, hair styling and lunch, we started shooting. Lucky for us guys, we were done by 22.30.
Nina and the crew had to work until 06.00... That´s a nice 24 hour work day for her.
Glad I don´t have to do the lip sync parts in this band, it was hard enough when I made the "Loved among friends" video in LA...

Pics from the video shoot will be out later on, but for now here are 2 great pic of us and Lill-Babs, a legend in Swedish music. She´s had a 31 year carreer... and we complain about being together for 13 years...

Hope you´re all well, try to survive christmas ok?

Did you like our xmas movie?


By: Magnus Sveningsson
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