Nina Persson's movie debut to premiere soon.

"Om Gud Vill" (eng. "God Willing"), the film in which Nina Persson makes her acting debut, premieres in Swedish cinemas on February 10.

First-time actress Nina plays the lead female role opposite first-time actor and director Amir Chamdin, who has previously directed several music videos, among them The Cardigans' "For What It's Worth" and "You're the Storm". The film is based on Chamdin's father and his experiences as an immigrant in Sweden during the 70's.

The first mention of Nina's venture into acting was in an interview with Sonic Magazine #24, 2005:

What can you tell us about the movie project with Amir Chamdin that you're involved in?
Nina: Nothing. It doesn't feel good to talk about it when it's still so fresh.

But tell me this, have you wanted to work with movies for a long time?
Nina: Not really. I've gotten movie offers before, but they haven't been that fun. But then this project came along and it felt right in every way - I tought that if I was ever going to give acting a try, I should do it now. But as I said. Let's talk about it some other time.

Movie synopsis from the Swedish film institute:

There's a heat-wave in Stockholm during the summer of 1975. In the day, Juan (Chamdin) packs fruit in ┼rstahallarna (marketplace) with his brother, with whom he also lives. In the evenings he works a second shift as a janitor at a hamburger-restaurant. In seven days his wife will arrive in Stockholm and by then everything must be perfect. The lack of sleep and the opressive heat make the loneliness even more apparent. One early morning his seat by the bus-stop is taken by a beautiful woman, Juli (Persson). After a couple of chance encounters the nightly adventures with Juli become the most important thing in his life.

Sonet Film - Om Gud Vill website. (Swedish)

Watch the movie trailer here:
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