Thank you all!

Yes, all of you kind people who attended our shows in Scandinavia, thanks so much for your support!
We hope we┤ve been entertaining and all, not making too many mistakes on the stage... All in all 14 shows and all of them sold out except Stavanger. But 800 oil drillers showed up and that┤s pretty good anyhow!

We also wanna thank Montys Loco for a nice time, hope you all enjoyed their set and go listen to their album. The live versions differ quite a lot from the album ones, pretty cool to hear them in their original form I tell you.

And an extra thanks to dear Magnus B÷rjeson who┤ve been filling in for Lasse.
Magnus will be in for two shows in Europe, but the rest of the tour is all back
to normal.

So thank you all, now we need some rest off all the free beer we┤ve been given.

take care

The band
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