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Yes, yours truly is speaking spanish, well actualy itīs an email interview...
And sure as hell, it got translated to spanish. But somewhere in a distant future, I will be able to speak this fluently in Spanish. Hereīs the link, in spanish that is.



Update: Luckily you have a site-admin that is fluent in Spanish. :-) Here are some quotes from the interview - from English to Spanish to English again:

Do you regret not having released an album between 1998 and 2003, now that you've seen how the industry has changed and it seems like you've lost your place in it?
Magnus: In a way yes, but it couldn't have been any other way. If he had made an album then we're sure that we wouldn't exist as a group today. We really needed that break. Personally I was out of the band for a year and a half because I suffered from panic attacks and things like that, I didn't have any strength to be in the band. Besides, I think that the sweet sounds of "Long Gone Before Daylight" were more right for their time than the electronics of "Das Model", which was a Krafwerk cover that the other guys in the band made around 2000. That's what a follow-up to "Gran Turismo" would have sounded. Not very good, in my opinion.

The best and the worst moments for you as a band don't seem connected to your sales figures...
Magnus: Exactly. The worst moment for The Cardigans was during the recording of the "Erase/Rewind" video. December 21 of 1998. We were about to end up destroyed amotionally. The best moment was maybe a concert that we gave at the Roskilde festival, the biggest one in Scandinavia, with 50'000 people in the audience. We were headlining and it was very exciting.

There are people who think that you could split up because you don't sell as many copies as you did in the 90s. Have you thought about that? Have you talked about returning to your solo projects after this tour?
Magnus: We had better reasons to split up when we were on the peak of our success. But now we're happy and we really can't stand that lifestyle of 300 days on the road with 3 heads of families in the band. So we're happy with where we are, but yes, it would be nice if we could sell more. About the solo projects, we still don't have anything finished. We could do solo projects or maybe we could go into the studio together in October to record new songs.

Do you have any songs prepared for the future? Any idea on how it will sound?
Magnus: I know that Peter has written some new songs but he still hasn't shown anybody. We never know where we're going next, but I would like to do something more rock. Something more goth perhaps?

Something strange that happens to very few bands that happens with The Cardigans is that absolutely nobody can agree on what your best album is. Do you think that's a positive thing because it means that they're all good or would you prefer to have your "classic" album like other bands?
Magnus: I don't know, but it's true that there's a great diversity of opinion. I guess that it depends on when people have discovered us. Some people prefer the old ones, that our newest fans haven't even heard. It would probably be very difficult for them to understand them.

Your two latest record are probably the best ones when put together, but why don't you play any songs from the first albums? Don't you think people still want to listen to songs like "Your New Cuckoo", "Carnival" or "Sick & Tired", which for many people are among the best of the 90s?
Magnus: "Your New Cuckoo" is not one of our favourites... I would say it's quite the opposite. Maybe there will be a time when we will play older songs just for fun. But right now we think that they don't fit in at all with what we're doing. It also true that Nina has some problems with singing these songs again. She's changed a lot and has become a great artist, in the past she saw herself like a "chanteuse". She has some problems with going back to that role, I guess it would be like going back to school and going back to live with your parents...

When do we know if you will play in the Summercase in Madrid and Barcelona?
Magnus: When we have confirmed our summer festival dates we will publish it on our website. We really want to go, I have some friends in Barcelona.

What would you say to those fans that ask you everyday on your website "When are you coming to Tchad to play?"
Magnus: Haha, I've never received any messages from Tchad, but I think it won't be long. It's very boring, but I can understand that it's a lot more fun to get a personalized answer than to read all the FAQ's and search for the answer to your question. Sometimes I tell them to but I think I'll have to live with it. I'm surprised they don't look in the News section, we give all the tour information there. They prefer to bombard me with messages, but well...
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