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What will The Cardigans offer at Hultsfred 06? When we reach Magnus Sveningsson, The Cardigans' bassist, he's packing his bags for the band's three-week tour - not an entirely easy task.
Magnus: You have to pack properly, 'cause it's pretty hard to get 100 DVDs into one bag.

What movies are you bringing?
Magnus: I lot of them. Although it's tricky when you're taking movies with you on a tour, because then heavier ones don't really work. The best movies you don't have the energy to grasp when you're on tour. Mostly "Fletch" or "Spinal Tap" work.

I understand you're the one responsible for the movies on the road?
Magnus: Mmm. The others count on me to take some with me and then I get told-off if I've forgotten one or if I take too many heavy ones. I'm the one responsible for the music too as a matter of fact. The others have no fucking taste in music, so someone's gotta step up.

So it's your luggage that simply cannot get lost.
Magnus: Exactly. So I'll guard it with my big body.

I get the feeling that you're a very structured band - is that so?
Magnus: I've been thinking about that and I feel like The Hives, that don't have a manager, have it a lot more figured out that us. It feels like they're really structured and that we're more like a sea anemone swaying all around. I would love to have more structure in the band, but we do alright anyway.

The Cardigans played at Hultsfred for the first time in 1994. Back then they had just released thier debut and got to play one of the smallest scenes at the festival.
Magnus: The day we found out we were getting to play at Hultsfred is a very big event in our lives. I remember we ran out to buy beer. Then we got drunk just to celebrate.

Onstage The Cardigans usually focus on their newer material, as most other bands do. And when they do bring out the older songs it's usually not the very oldest ones. Magnus explains that a big part of it is Nina Persson feeling that she has a hard time relating to lyrics that are so far back from her current life ("It would almost be as if she was moving back into her parents' house", says Magnus). But there is still a small chance that we'll get to hear some old goldies at Hultsfred this summer.

Magnus: Now it's been eleven years since we played Hultsfred for the first time and I feel like we could squeeze in an old poppy song like "Rise & Shine". To kind of come full-circle or just because it's fun. I think the audience would enjoy listening to some indie-pop ā la 1994.
We'll see how that goes, but whatever I say it usually ends up being the other way around - I don't quite know how to present this idea to get it voted through. But I've been thinking of saying that I don't want to play any old material and work with reverse psychology. Either case, there's gonna be long negotiations.

Even if there may not be any Cardigans-surprises in the shape of old classics, they can surprise just the same. At Hultsfred 97 The Cardigans stood for a so called "willie-chock", to use tabloid language.

Magnus: We had a backdrop that we raised during the fist song that had 30 man-sized dicks on it and it said "Allt ifrån Skaraborg".
The dicks were Nina's area. She designed them with a friend over the phone to get the right angle on them. That backdrop still hangs in out rehearsal space as a matter of fact.

The Cardigans' backdrop from 97 cost 30 000 kronor. Additionally the band had printed specially designed t-shirts with male genitalia on them to be sold during the festival. The shirts were unfortunately not a great success and are now considered great rarities.

Magnus: We're thinking of having a continuation of that joke this year. We really should spice things up a little. The funniest thing would be to do like The Flaming Lips and have stuffed animals and Santa Claus and soapbubbles and stuff like that. But maybe we're not quite that out-going. I'll ask the others anyway to see if we're going to come up with something special for Hultsfred considering that it's like going back to our roots or something.

What will The Cardigans come up with exactly? To be continued at Hultsfred 06...
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