Nina's debut as audiobook reader

Nina's reading of the 1978 feminist classic "Crème Fraîche" by Danish author Suzanne Brøgger was released last week.

The autobiographical novel, inspired by Henry Miller, caused a wave of commotion when it first came out. Not in the least because of its outspoken eroticism and dark and humorous exploration of female sexuality.

Nina speaks to Expressen about the audiobook and about her upcoming plans.

How did you get the opportunity?
It's not something I've thought about before. The publishers wanted readers to record their favourite books and it sounded like something fun and different to do.

Are you after a new career
Haha, no I can't say that I am.

Why did you choose Crème Fraîche?
It has affected me a whole lot. I read it for the first time when I was around 20 when I was starting to get interested in feminism. It's was so cool and liberating. I don't think that the usual classics are a lot of fun, but Crème Fraîche is not dry at all.

Is it still as important to you?
I read it again a couple of years ago and of course I think in a different way today. But I definitely recommend it to all women in their early twenties.

Do you have any other projects under way?
Yes, a little bit of everything. Among other things singing for other artists. But it's nice to just relax too. Nathan and I are trying to settle here in New York, looking at houses and such.

"Meeting with the classics: Nina Persson chooses Suzanne Brøgger, Crème Fraîche" is out in Swedish on StorySide.

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