Nina interview with Planet Sound
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Posted on 2009-01-27 17:56:41
fairly decent interview with Nina, and in English! and i must say, i love it when she swears!

will only be posted on there today as it's a daily magazine so here it is in full:

Persson sets up A Camp again

By John Earls - "I can't believe it's been eight years. The third one must not be another eight years - we'll all be ancient by then."

In 2001, Nina Persson released a self-titled album under the alias A Camp. As glorious a countrified record as it is, the wildly romantic Colonia is better - an early Album Of 2009 contender.

"It took a long time to work out what to do next," says Nina.

Nina loved the first A Camp so much, she had trouble trying to better it.

"I didn't want this one to sound anything like the first, because it would have cheapened it," she says.

"It was like my ideal country record. And I didn't want it to sound like a Cardigans album. So it took a long time to figure out what songs should be suitable. I've ended up going back in time for the answer."

The title, Colonia, helped inspire the music after Nina went on safari to South Africa with her best friend.

"I went there deliberately to get away from writing songs," laughs Nina, 34. "But being among the lions made me think of an old-fashioned empire - and that led to the idea of the decadence of old kings and queens.

"The word Colonia summed it up; usually the name is the last thing I think of."

Niclas Frisk, who helped on the first A Camp, is now a full band member - as is Nina's husband Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think.

"I made Nathan audition," she jokes.

"I realised touring the first A Camp that I hate being thought of as a solo artist. It's too lonely. I've grown up in a band, and I need people around me. I'm glad Niclas and Nathan had the time to devote to all aspects of A Camp."

Cult Swedish singer Nikolai Dunger duets with Nina on Golden Teeth.

"I love the idea of duets, but too many are simple love songs," she tuts. "I don't understand that - you know the singers aren't going to f***, so it feels fake and cheesy.

"I'd thought for a long time my voice would work well with Nikolai. I seem to end up working with most of my friends in A Camp sooner or later."

Speaking of friends, Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous is back, playing slide guitar. But why didn't he produce it too, as he had with the debut?

"Because he didn't need to," explains Nina. "Once the songs finally came, we wanted to get going. I love Mark, but obviously he's a busy man.

"With the three of us producing, it helps send out the message: A Camp is now a band. A f***ing great one too."
Posted on 2009-01-28 03:00:02
Thanks for posting!
Posted on 2009-01-29 02:32:33
and the album review also from Planet Sound. Shame it's so brief:

Eight years after her solo debut, The Cardigans singer Nina Persson offers the first Album Of 2009 contender.

If the debut's heartbreak country was special enough, this is even more romantic, Persson's sensual voice gliding over sumptuously arranged ballads worthy of Dusty Springfield.

This is what proper love songs are about, making life warmer without a hint of schmaltz. Bliss. 9/10
Posted on 2009-01-29 16:48:59
" A Camp is now a band. A f***ing great one too." !!!
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