Some Progressive I love
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Posted on 2010-07-20 19:46:27
Hello all

Any of you like progressive music?
While we're waiting for the Cardigans, let's share on this thread.
Since no any news for the Cardigans yet, here's some progressive music and musicians we like (any of its sub genre)

I do love progressive rock, especially symphonic progressive from the past and jazz rock or fusion. I'm not really like neo progressive or progressive metal like Dream Theatre. Too hard

Some of them :

Hiromi Uehara
Damn, I love her so much
Amazing pianist and composer. Later she plays with her band Hiromi's Sonicbloom.
One of my fav song of her : XYZ

another Japanese jazz rock
The 22 yo guitarist is really talented (I've seen his live performance)
Only 1 album so far, but it's really good

ok, it's an old band but still exist until now
I 'learned' this band from my father
My fav song : Can You Understand

everyone knows them I'm sure
In The Cage is my fav song, couldn't stop listening to this song. Fantastic!

Italian symphonic progressive.
Friends told me that I'm sick but who cares
only 1 album released in 1975
numero uno

I always love bands with female singer
Christina is awesome

that's all for now
Posted on 2010-07-21 04:40:31
I've always liked Genesis -my favourite cds from a short period of their history are Wind & Wuthering, A Trick of the Tail, And Then There Were Three-
it's so melodic and Phil is an excellent drummer.

I'd recommend Heart- Dreamboat Annie (Wilson sisters singing!)

Spirit-(debut album)

King Crimson-Discipline, Red, Three of a Perfect Pair
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