2013 Stanley Cup playoffs
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Posted on 2013-06-08 23:37:57
that summer had its charm

Posted on 2013-07-04 00:03:56
I just watched the "I need Some Fine Wine..." video. It's so great I feel a little dumb noticing this one part. I think it's Bengt wearing a black mask in one brief edit. It reminds me of a hockey goalie (or a movie murderer). Probably kinky stuff.

I was camping once with a bandmate, and we were drunk, and at one point I put a knee brace over my head. They are plastic-y and stretchable, though it fit real tight over my face. He took a photo and put it up in our garage music space with all the other junk on the walls. We'd be playing and I'd look at it, and it gave me a creepy feeling.
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