Happy birthday Cardigans!
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Posted on 2013-11-01 12:56:15
You were the soundtrack of my teenage years and still be at my almost 30's. For some reason you have something good going on in your music that no matter what I was thinking when I was younger and how I've changed my mind during all this time, you still sound straight into my years!
Congratulations for being one of my favourite bands of all times and for having a condition that some persons woulld love to have: immortality (by making music). Once you record an album, you'll last forever even after you were no longer walking in this world.
Your music is a legacy for future generations!
Posted on 2013-11-04 23:57:02
Feliz Cumpleaņos a la banda! ... aunque sigan sin venir a America ... ja ja
Posted on 2013-11-20 18:59:00
Indeed! All these years and I'm still Hanging Around for another round!
Posted on 2013-12-15 04:44:39
they've begin in 1993 ? it seems ... then happy birthday the Cardigans...
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