Nina to play key part in children's film What if ... (Tänk om ...)
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Posted on 2014-09-15 07:12:45
that summer had its charm
This just in (for me at least, I hope it's not old news):

Nina narrates and sings in a children's animated film What if ... (Tänk om ...) based on Lena Sjöberg's book with the same title. The 30-minute film's release date is 3 October 2014.

Swedish Film Magazine writes: "... a tender animated celebration of the love between large and small and a yearning for imaginative adventure. Music is the driving force in this story of hares, fleas, bats and other animals - with a grown-up animal and a young animal as the recurring theme."

EDIT: I almost forgot ... the trailer (sort of).
Posted on 2014-09-17 02:27:09
I think I remember hearing about it somewhere at some point, but I'd forgotten all about it. So thanks!

I'll share it on the Cardifans page on facebook. :-)
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