All songs that Nina featured... (?)
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Posted on 2006-05-31 07:04:50
There's another???

. Angel's Fall (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. Autumm Walts (Scents feat. Nina Persson)
. Appalachian Lullaby (Shudder To Think feat. Nina Persson)
. Apple Bed (Sparklehorse feat. Nina Persson)
. Aviva Pastoral (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. Bängen Trålar (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives & Nina Persson)
. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. Deceased (Nina Persson & David Arnold)
. Desafinado
. Dirty Love (Division Of Laura Lee feat. Nina Persson)
. Fiction (Nathan Larson feat. Nina Persson)
. Flyg Min Väg (Freddie Wadling feat. Nina Persson)
. Friends (Backyard Babies feat. Nina Persson & various artists)
. Gold Day (Sparklehorse feat. Nina Persson)
. I Miss You (Marit Bergman feat. Nina Persson)
. Itämaista Rakkuatta (Live At Guldbaggen 06) (Juli & The Monoliths) *
. J'en Ai Marre D'être Bleu (Mathieu Boogaerts feat. Nina Persson)
. Just Because A Man Expects Me To (Nathan Larson feat. Nina Persson)
. Just Because A Man Expects Me To (Remix) (Nathan Larson feat. Nina Persson)
. Le Pont De La Tristesse (Nathan Larson feat. Nina Persson)
. Lid (Ray Wonder feat. Nina Persson)
. Losing My Religion (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. On The Beach (Live At KB, Mälmo 01) (A Camp) *
. Outro (Marit Bergman feat. Nina Persson)
. Oriental Love (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. Prom Night (Eric Beyond feat. Nina Persson)
. Roaring 40’s (Christian Kjellvander feat. Nina Persson)
. Som Glas (Fläskkvartetten feat. Nina Persson)
. What The Hell Are You Cryin' For (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)
. Whole Lotta Love (Live At Polar Music Prize) (Nina Persson & The Soundtrack Of Our Lives) *
. You Hate My Beautiful Love (Monkeystrikes feat. Nina Persson)

* Not oficial
Posted on 2006-06-01 14:20:35
great list, many songs.. thanks for sharing
Posted on 2006-06-01 19:17:33
Lid is a great song!
Posted on 2006-07-31 04:20:36
naylor_tiago wrote:
. Itämaista Rakkuatta (Live At Guldbaggen 06) (Juli & The Monoliths) *
. Oriental Love (Nina Persson & Nathan Larson)

Those two are the same track. Itamaista Rakkuatta simply translates as Oriental Love. Both of them are the same recording, as far as I'm aware. My Om God Vill EP hasn't arrived, so I can't confirm that just yet.

I can't think of any that you're missing. In fact, you've listed 6 songs more than I previously knew about. So instead of needing to find only 4 songs to have a complete Nina Persson Solo collection, I now need 10 more official tracks in total.

And I haven't been able to find any evidence of it anywhere, but someone has told me that Nina recorded a track especially for a Stockholm Records promo called "Calling Stockholm". As I said, I haven't been able to track down any evidence of its existance yet, and taking into account the whole "Stockholm Calling" thing - I'm led to believe the person was just having me on.

naylor_tiago wrote:
. Just Because A Man Expects Me To (Remix)

And what the hell is that? A remix?
Posted on 2006-07-31 06:20:39
Yeah, "Oriental Love" and "Ittämaista Rakkuatta" are the same song...
There's a song called "Is It Really Real" released on a promo CD "I'm Not Scared" by Nickelodeon... Nina sings with Nathan Larson.
I would like to hear Nina singing whit Soundtrack Our Lives "Midnight Children (Enfants De La Nut)" on Nordic Music Awards 2004.
I think "Just Because... (Remix)" are included on "Just Because" single maybe...
Here are some links about it...
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