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Posted on 2006-06-03 07:58:00
Maybe a bit late... but better late than never, right?

Whether you're a newbie to The Cardigans' forum or an old withered veteran - we want to know who you are, what you do, what you like, what you dislike, how old you are, where you live et.c. et.c. Oh, and how you became a Cardigans' fan, I'm sure that's an interesting question.

Just in case you're new: WELCOME!!! We hope you'll enjoy your stay!

<< Mandatory happy smily.
Posted on 2006-06-03 08:16:00
OK so maybe I should go first.

I'm Daniel. I turned 22 this past January 6. I live in Sweden, currently in Uppsala but I grew up in a suburb of the lovely town of Jönköping. A town you might recognize as The Cardigans' home town. I'm not a natural Swede. I was born in the sunny caribbean coast of Colombia where I've also spent 8 years of my childhood in intermittent periods. Twists of fate brought me to Sweden and even though winters are long and cold I must say I really like it here. I speak Spanish, English and Swedish (and some French when I'm in the mood) and one of my biggest interests is talking to people. Communication. Like on this forum. Right now I'm busy, busy, busy working on my degree as a biologist, looking forward to a future in academia and research. Yes, I am a science nerd. When I'm not carving up little animals to get to know their innards or getting better aquainted with DNA I like to listen to music and paint and take photographs and tinker with my website What else...

Sometime around the release of Super Extra Gravity, I was kindly offered to serve as moderator for this lovely forum as well as updating with some media news, kinda filling the void after Antoine and Assaf and the other guys that ran the old websites who chose to step back a little this time around. Needless to say I enjoy it a lot. Um... what else...

I started a Cardigans fansite back in 2002 (I think) as a school project in webdesign and somehow I still think it's fun to keep it up. It's been a little bit quiet as of late because I've been so busy - but I'm working on a big update now that I have time over the summer. You can find it here.

I first heard about The Cardigans back when Life came out. Thought they were nice but I was going through an odd phase where I only listened to classical music...hahaha, so I didn't pay them much mind. Then of course Lovefool was everywhere. I only became a real fan with Gran Turismo and Erase/Rewind and since then my love for their music has just kept on growing.

I think that's all. Now it's your turn.
Posted on 2006-06-03 11:42:30
Federico López
Hi. I'm Federico. I live in Spain but i'm Uruguayan. Now I'm checking how much it costs to go to Bilbao to see the Cardigans live. I'll be there in July 13, that's for sure!
I found The Cardigans in a second hand cd's store. Almost by accident. Now I think about that day and I realize how much of our lives is purely accidental. How important is to be in the right place at the right moment!
Kisses for everyone!

pd: Am I the only GAY who likes The Cardigans? :)
Posted on 2006-06-04 02:35:08
Hi I'm Al, I live in Dublin in The Republic of Ireland, I am 26 years old. I like music and traveling and beer and playing my drums, what more can I say.

Hello to you Federico from Spain.
Posted on 2006-06-04 13:31:04
Hi! My name is Topanga. I'm 17 years old. I live in Ireland. I can speak English and French. Well I know a few swedish sentences as I'm learning swedish now. Well I'm still in school. I'm going into 4th year or lca. I'm really hoping to go into lca as it's easier and there's no exams at the end of the year. Anyways I've liked the cardigans for a long time. G.t was the first alumb that I got. My friend kayleigh brought it for me when I was 8 or 9 years old. At the time I really liked the song my favourite game. That's why she gave me the cd just before I want away. I love her as a friends. Too bad I'll never see her again. Well I love the cardigans. I really want to go to one of the concerts. If anyone wants to know anything else just ask me ok.
Posted on 2006-06-04 14:22:25
geminisfl wrote:

pd: Am I the only GAY who likes The Cardigans? :)

I can clearly state: NO!
Posted on 2006-06-04 15:56:57
CharlieCharlie wrote:
geminisfl wrote:

pd: Am I the only GAY who likes The Cardigans? :)

I can clearly state: NO!

héh, there has even been a thread about how we gays like the Cardies..
Posted on 2006-06-04 18:42:27
My name is Simeão and I´m from Brazil and I live in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo´s state). I´m undergraduate studant of Biology at University of São Paulo (USP) and nowadays I´m studing moths. I whish to do my mastering in some place in Europe or USA.
Well, i start to listen cardigans for the first time about 6 years ago ( with the albun "the first band on the moon)and then i can´t stop.
I hope that i can know nice people here.

oops, i forgot: my English is not "the best" but I´ll keep trying

Posted on 2006-06-04 20:25:05
hello. i am marie from barcelona.
i have become nerveous and do not know what to say. lol.
Posted on 2006-06-05 03:35:35
I guess I can be considered an "old" fan since I've been sticking around this site since around 1997.
I'll just pull some stuff from my profile here:

How I Came to Know and Love The Cardigans:

I've been a mega-Cardifan for many years. I caught on to the Cardigans around the time Lovefool was leaving the charts here in the U.S. (somewhere in 1997, I think.)
It was not Lovefool that got me addicted (although I like the song). I saw the video for Carnival on MTV2 in my college dorm room. I thought it was one of the greatest things I'd seen/heard in years.

Like divine intervention, a used copy of Life showed up in the CD store I worked at. And, as they say, I listened to it and the rest is history.

Since then, I've seen the Cardigans live 3 times and had the good fortune to meet at least a couple of them every time. I've also managed amass quite a collection. I think that I may have the most extensive collection of Cardigans TV appearances, video clips, etc outside of Stockholm Records.

I was born and raised Dallas, Texas. I got a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Science (majoring in Radio, TV, Film) from the University of North Texas.
I now work as a video technician at a local production facility.
Posted on 2006-06-05 13:29:22
i just copied my profile text, alright:

i started to get into the cardigans when i saw the video for 'Rise And Shine' on tv back then. don't really remember when that was, 1996 maybe? however, i got a huge crush and went out to buy 'Life'. I became my all-time favourite record for a long time and i felt like no other one could outdo it. since then, i've never stopped loving The Cardigans.
ask my local record dealer from the town i come from, she was my first 'victim': i used to 'visit' her regularly to ask for news and new records of The Cardigans and to tell her how great they are.
i saw The Cardigans live for the first time back then at the Gran Turismo tour in berlin, april 07th 1999. that left me with an impression so strong i even painted a picture of Nina for my arts class. okay, i was 15 back then, but when it comes to The Cardigans, I'm in love, feeling like a stubborn little teenager even now.
So far, I've seen them live six times. Those are the other concerts i went to: berlin, november 21th 2003, cologne, february 09th 2006, malmö, march 19th 2006 and march 20th 2006 and berlin, april 13th 2006.
It's been the greatest of fun to follow the traces of The Cardigans and visit malmö.
i also enjoy listening to all The Cardigans' solo records. the Righteous Boy album is one of the best I've ever listened to. Probably no. 1 on my all-time hitlist!

something more about me: I love music to the bone. I'm trying to get into music business right know. I'd be the happiest person in the world if somebody paid me for going to rock concerts. ;-)

I've chosen -berlin- as a nickname because i moved to this beautiful city some three years ago and i've never felt that much at home before. in fact, when i left berlin to live in france i felt homesick for the very first time in my life. i felt at home very much in malmö, though, as well.
nevertheless, i really enjoy travelling and there are a lot of places i would like to visit, including Manchester, Dublin, Norway, Kiev, Africa and all of Sweden. It's mostly based on places i know great people in. ;-)

in my free time i study (uh, attention, i make very funny jokes...) english language and media studies and work in a bookshop.
Posted on 2006-06-05 15:51:34

I wanted to post an image of that FNM record..but apparently i'm retarded.

Fixed // Mod
Posted on 2006-06-05 19:29:34
ilaria name is Ilaria..i'm 19 and i live in a small town of Italy..where unfortunately is very difficult find Cardigans' cds...anyway...i'm going to finish school and i'm thinking about university..
About music i love Cardigans and also Cranberries and thanks to Anna the Wonder i knew The Sounds..
i spend my time playing the guitar and going out with my friends..
if you have something to ask...i'm here...! bye..Ilaria
Posted on 2006-06-05 19:43:58
Hello beautiful people. I'm James, 20 years old, from London, and I love The Cardigans very very much.
Posted on 2006-06-05 21:49:15
I'm a Canadian guy, 28 years old. I consider myself a veteran Even though the very first time I saw them was in the North American Lovefool video on Much Music. We went home for lunch, and there was this great catchy song with the great (jangly? porn-groove? disco? 70s? style?) high note guitar chord strumming/rythms. Nina's good looks and voice were obvious pluses.

Shortly after that, I saw them on much music spotlight and saw the video for Carnival. After that, I forgot all about sliced bread. More great rhythmic strumming with that retro sound and look, and a really hilarious video sealed the deal.

I ordered FBOTM (casette tape LOL) and listened to it at least 30 times start to finish. a year or so later I bought FBOTM CD. hehe.
They played the warehouse (I think March 17, 1997) and we were front row. Nina made eye contact with me a few times which was cool, though my girlfriend gave me trouble about it. hehe. They just gave off such good vibes, and the music was great. We saw them again that summer, but they were in with Dayna Manning, Treble Charger, and Moist, but it was still worth it to see them.
I had a small teeny tiny fan website called the Great Divide, and I won a poster from another fan's contest way back when.

I bought Life, and later, Gran Tursimo. I really liked Life, but Gran Turismo is still my least fave album. A few gems, but I don't choose the album very often.

Then, the terrible wait... I thought for sure that they were done, through, over with... I really loved the A Camp album, and then when LGBD came out, I was elated. I listened to it at least 40 times through and it's my fave of theirs, overall. I saw them in May 04 at Lee's Palace which was the best show. I was so thrilled they were back. I even yelled out 'do rocknroll ghost' to which Nina and said 'oh, I would love to play that song....." :-) funny that she even dignified it with a response.

For me, the Cardigans rank only 2nd to the Beatles as my fave bands/acts of all time, and I think that's a really huge compliment to them. Their comeback has been one of the best things in show business to ever happen.
Posted on 2006-06-05 22:56:57
Copy and paste, copy and paste:
Well, well, well. My name is Miguel (btw, I hate my name so much!!! so if you wanna call me by a nickname I won't get upset, lol), I'm 18 years old and I live in Argentina.
I started to listen to The Cardigans when I was 11, yes, I was such a sweet and nice little boy at that time, lol, because of LOVEFOOL, such a hit!!!! But I didn't like The Cardies that much, until MY FAVOURITE GAME came out!!! So I bought Gran Turismo and I just thought it was one of the greatest albums I've ever heard, and fell in love with The Cardigans. Of course, Nina's beauty caught my eye too, she's just gorgeous. But I wasn't the addict that I am now :P
Since then I've been listening to them and spending looooooots of money on their imported albums and singles :P
I think that my fave Cardialbum is Long Gone Before Daylight today.
Posted on 2006-06-06 04:56:38
hmmmmm should i introduce myself- again- and give my cardigans history, probably bore most of you....sure, my names giovanni, 15 and already found my favourite band. everyone knows the hits lovefool, my favourite game, carnival. and like most i liked these songs, but it wasn't till a certain visit to a record store that i became a FAN. funny thing is it almost didn't happen. i only had enough money for one cd and it was btw some crappy offspring cd, or long gone before daylight. i took a chance and went with the good one. that happened last year around august,
Posted on 2006-06-06 07:42:52
hiii to all...
i've introduced myself on my profile, you can look there so..
Posted on 2006-06-06 10:27:32
Paul a.k.a. The Bassman

Been a Cardies fan for over 10 years now. It wasn't actually 'lovefool' that got me into them. I think i heard someone play 'sick and tired', then shortly after i heard 'Lovefool' and that was it. Nowadays, i do prefer later Cardies stuff.

From Manchester, not married or owt. Waiting for my band to get famous, then find a rock chick!! I am the bass player in a band called Pylon, we've been going since January and i suppose we sound a bit like U2 or Snow Patrol. Hopefully we'll be gigging and recording soon.

My ultimate dream would be for my band to support The Cardigans in a massive gig at The City of Manchester Stadium, because, yes I am a Manchester City FC fan, for my sins. And the second part of the dream would be for Nina to appear on our debut album.
Posted on 2006-06-07 00:35:08
hello there!
I'm Federico, from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I study Psychology and I'm in 3rd year of my career. I like No Doubt too, and of course Gwen Stefani. Other bands that I enjoy listening to are The Cranberries, Garbage and Bjork (I think that Keane and The Hives are goo bands but I don't have any album of them...)
These time I'm a little bit bussy, so I don't have time to go to the gym, but in july maybe is the opportunity to start!
This last december I went to Lake Tahoe (California, USA) to work as lift operator at a ski resort. I also worked at a fast food, at a spa and at a hot dog shop, and I was a security guard at a party too!!! jajaja
I returned to Argentina on the 22th of march and this new season I'm coming back to the States, but this time I'm gonna work somewhere in Florida, where everything is warm!!
so, That's me!!!

Oh!! I almost forget!!
I love the Cardigans since 1999 when I watched the MFG video on Tv and then someone told me that that band is the same that perform lovefool, so I decided to buy Gran Turismo, then I got First Band on The Moon, then Life, Emmerdale, The Other Side of The Moon, My Favourite Game single, Lon Gone Before Daylight, I won the You're the Storm single from Olle's page and then I could get 2 copies of Super Extra Gravity (one form Europe, and the other one I bought it at Virgin Megastore in San Francisco)
Posted on 2006-06-07 03:30:00
i suck at talking about myself, mainly because i dislike it. but here goes ...

i hate my real/first name as well so i just go by my nicknames - you can call me whatever you like. i'm 21 from California (USA) and i'm part: mexican/french/spaniard - real proof that the country i live in is a melting pot. there are many boring and interesting things i do so i won't waste anyone's time typing them down - mainly because i'm full time everything, full time idiot. i knew of the Cardigans when "Lovefool" became a hit here in the US back in '97. i absolutely hated that song when i first heard it. but within time (a year later) i learned to love it. i got FBOTM and since then been buying their albums/been a fan.

just for fun -

good music
MEN ha ha
random people
ice cream
alcohol - but i'm not a drunk junkie/alcoholic ;)
the beach

talking about myself
willing ignorance
my name
Michael Moore
"ethnic" trash - people who are a disgrace to their race
jerks of all trades
crappy music
ants, flies, and other insects that do NOT contribute to anything in this world
Posted on 2006-06-07 19:49:46
I never really enjoyed the Cardigans. I just discovered this band.
I was in Sweden. Then, on the road, my motor broke. Nice people stopped and drove me to the nearest city.

It was saturday, so they invited me to a concert. Of the Cardigans. I slept in a corner during the concert. Difficult with the loud music, fortunately Nina has a soft voice.
At the end, I met the nice people again. They asked for my opinion. I told it was fantastic. Of course. I am polite.

Then I got fixed my car. And finished my trip.

Then back in France, I discovered this forum. A nice place, where people have different opinions. That changes from most forums where people just agree.

About me.
Nothing special.
I am from Paris. It is not nice today because of pollution.
I am working in computing. It is not nice either. Some weeks are boring, some weeks are full of stress. And they give me money. Nice.
I listen to different kind of music. But I can't write about music, so no need to give a title.
I like sport, and girls sometimes - but just sometimes.
Posted on 2006-06-08 04:38:44
Hi I'm Ana, I'm from a small city in Mexico, I'm 16 years old. I started listening to The Cardigans when my sister bought the Gran Turismo album and I loved it, then I bought the next two albums, unfortunately the other Cardigans' albums are a little hard to find specially in my city, they're also quite expensive (at least for me), I guess it is because they're imported, so now I only have the last three albums
I also want to say that I hate mtv latin america because they don't put the cardigans in video rotation, I have to watch Cardigans' videos only in the Internet
I wish I had mtv europe u.u
Posted on 2006-06-08 06:46:07
hola, im anna :)
im from: Tampico, Tamaulipas, México. I love my country, and i like also europe. I'm 16 years old. I love cartoons (batman is my favorite heroe, and the pink panther is my favorite cartoon) i love chocolate (my favorite is dark chocolate). I study on a catholic private school, and all my family is catholic. I can speak english, español and italiano. i dont read too much, and i like computers and videogames (i love mario bros), also i love mexican and italian food. i know a lot of things, and if you ask me something, and i dunno, i search it. my favorite bands are: cardigans, no doubt, garbage and distillers. also i love maths and history.... im going to study on colleg something called 'mecatronica' (i dont know how to say it on english)

i became fan of cardigans, when i saw on tv the video of my favorite game, and i thought ''omg that band rock'', and then, casually, every where i go, i saw something of cardigans, so i investigated about them and then i was more and more in they music, and then im here :)

i also:
i did sport (i was on a natation team)
danced ballet

funny points:
i have never see snowing
i hate beaches
when i eat troles i dont mix it
i didnt pass my chemical exam (i was the only one didnt pass of all my classroom)
on elementery school i was really dummie
i love jude law
dont like places with a lot of people (exept if is on a case of a concert, but i havent go to any one)
i only went to a disco one time.. i didint like it
all my computer teachers loves me
my favorite movie: macario
my username means really my name (anna = anna, r = rosa, g = gómez, c = contreras)
all my passwords are the same
always i have on my house a lot of chocolate

i think thats all.. thats me..
Posted on 2006-06-08 15:05:38
Hi!! This is Enrique... Im from Mexico City... and well Im a very big fan of The cardigans.. why?.. just´because they are a great and fantastic Band!! .. I know cardigans... ´cause Lovefool..(1997) but I wasn´t very interesting.. after I hear the my favoutite & erase & rewind single(1998) and I was amazed for this!!! .. and after I hear MFG in the game of Gran Turismo.. I buy the GT Cardigans album.. it was very cool.. after.. the first, and I was very happy! very cool sound.. after... Emmerdale.. in the beginnig I Thought it was bored.. but now I think is very nice.. after... Life.. wow!.. after Other Side.. and well Afetr acamp, righteous boy, dvd´s... LGBD.. and a lot of singles.. bla bla bla.. Super Extra Gravity, and my last purchase of cardigans was Dont Blame Your daughter single, jeje... well thats my short history for me about The Cardigans!
Im a bass player, the name of my band is called "Aldrig" ... we play many covers.. also cardigans! :P...
I like the music.. beer, play station... another bands like... The Confusions, The concretes, the sounds, garbage, The magic numbers... :P
And my home page is Nina Persson V8... about The cardigans... and well.. ahmmm I dont know what to say... just.. stay fine...and greetings to all the mexican fans!!
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