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Posted on 2006-06-10 21:07:38
here Paulina From Santiago de CHILE.... i'm 24, i'm fan since 96... the first time i listened CardiMusic, i fell in love of them...

some freaks things about my CARDILIFE!
- Musical-video-special, in a disco called "CLUB MIEL" (honey club)... such a good party...
- Party for the new album (SEG), where i made the musical-video-special.
- my dj name: dj Persson... :P
- the only cd that i don't hace is "the other side of the moon".

and, just... i love them... i really love their music, their way of look life...
i hope to meet them some day, even if they are not famous in the future...

that's all...


Posted on 2006-06-11 02:26:05
i'm fernando from brazil
and i wnat to talk with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
add me in your msn messenger
Posted on 2006-06-11 13:58:15
Iīm bugsy from finland.. I believe that the only way to get to know someone is to talk with them, so read my posts or write me...
Posted on 2006-06-12 20:00:25
Thomas Vandenabeele
Hi, I'm Thomas from Sijsele nearby Bruges, Belgium. I am almost 25 Years old (1 july) and I'm 1m78 tall. I earn my money by working in Philips (sponsor WK 2006 soccer), Bruges. My hobbies are: playing football, indoor football, running , swimming, and making fun with friends. The Cardigans are one of my favourite bands, along with Metallica, Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Doors, Tori Amos....My first cd of the Cardigans was "Gran Turismo' and is still the best I think, The last 2 albums are very good, but I prefer gran turismo because I have great memories of college when I listen to it.
On April 18th this year I went (alone) to a Concert of the Cardigans in the AB Brussels, the show was great! I never had been on photo with Nina , but thanksfully there is photoshop..
Greets Thomas
Posted on 2006-06-15 19:40:37
I'm Nuria. I'm 19 and I'm from Spain. I'm studying at the Faculty of Business in Zaragoza. I don't like so much what I'm doing, but I hope to find out what I want to be...

I discovered The Cardigans in 1999, with Gran Turismo, but the first album I bought is Long Gone Before Daylight. And it's actually my favourite.
I want to see them playing in Bilbao, so if anyone is going please send me a message.
Posted on 2006-06-16 02:23:22
Hi I'm Philip, my age is irrelevant :) Im a born and bred New Yorker. IM a super patriot and will defend the good nam eof the USA no matter what. That being said I will probably hold the opposite of what you believe 90% of the time. Probably the only thing we agree upon are that The Cardigans are the best band in the world and that European women are the prettiest in the world :-D

All kidding aside Ive liked the cardigans since 1995 and have seen them 11 times in concert now. I would love to add ot that total as soon as possible.

The first time i ever saw them was in 1996 at Tramps in NYC.
Ive actually met about 4 of you from the forum, all very nice people.
Feel free to come to nyc and I will show you a good time, even to the liberals :-D

Long live and prosper, God Bless to everyone.
Posted on 2006-06-17 12:49:16
hey! I'm anna from stockholm in sweden! I'm 16 years old and I just went out primeryschool, so the next stop is the gymnasium then! I love music, both to play, sing and lissen, but we all do eh? I also like art and I love to play theater!
I have been a member here since january, when I recreated a old friendship with the cardigans music, a friendship that i had at my age from 8-12, but without my permission runed away... about a couple of weeks I'm gonna se the cardigans for the first time live!!! I'm so exited!
..well, chers to all!
Posted on 2006-06-17 17:56:53
Hi all.

I'm Dave. I'm 21 and I'm from Dublin, Ireland though i'm currently living in the US.

I've been a fan of the Cardigans since 'Favourite Game' but I never bought an album till 'Long gone before daylight'.

I've never seen the Cardigans live(my flight here left 2 days after their Dublin gig) but i'm hoping to get another chance eventually.

Posted on 2006-06-19 00:44:54

Stats about me:

- 24 years old
- I'm working on a Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Kentucky
- I study (hold your excitement) interpersonal rejection and acceptance
- I've had my fair share of crappy low-paying jobs and more than my share of school.
- I tend to dislike people.
- I'm constantly being lectured not to be a hermit and to self-monitor my behaviors
- I like yellow, umbrellas, slushies, and wearing numerous layers of clothing
- I love that I was raised dirt poor in Appalachia
- I'm still dirt poor
- I think Classism is the worst of the 'ism's
- Religion both baffles and scares the bejesus out of me
- I am both deeply troubled and amused by the state of America
- Minnesotan accents crack me up
- I am a vegan, but often want to stomp on small dogs. I hate them.
- I love to travel
- I enjoy snapping amateur photography
- 'I was only being tongue-in-cheek' seems to be my motto
- If you can laugh at what's effed up in the world, while still caring, I'll probably like you
- Favorite songs: Fleetwood Mac - Landslide + Bjork - Bachelorette
- Favorite movies: Requiem for a Dream + Magnolia
- Favorite TV show: Strangers With Candy

Why do I like the Cardigans?

I heard 'Lovefool' when it invaded American radio. I liked it, but it was WAY overplayed. I realized I liked the band as more than a one-hit pop wonder when I heard 'Been It' on (of all things) the Jenny McCarthy Show. When I heard 'Favourite Game', I bought Gran Tourismo. It's still one of my favorite albums. Subsequent albums have been never been disappointing. My favorite Cardigans song is probably 'Paralyzed'.
Posted on 2006-06-19 20:14:10
I'm Kanya... 19 and living in the USA.

I have loved the Cardigans since I was 9 or 10 (about 96 or 97) and they are still my favorite band. I also listen to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cat Power... and much more. I have diverse music taste.

I really just want The Cardigans to tour here in the US. Life would be semi-complete for me.
Posted on 2006-06-21 08:31:56
I am Mirley. I live in Russia. My favourite bands: the Cardigans, Garbage, Guano Apes, IAMX (since Moscow Maxidrom Festival with Cardigans), Green Day and many other .........
Please, excuse me because I am only 15 years old and may do mistaces in the text.
Posted on 2006-06-26 23:02:13
pd: Am I the only GAY who likes The Cardigans? :)[/quote]

Hello all! Yet again, another gay who likes The Cardigans. But I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only american who likes the Cardigans...
any other americans out there who have a general disdain for mainstream american music and prefer indie euro pop?
Posted on 2006-06-28 14:35:45
Iīm Daniel From Santiago Chile . I`m a bussiness man but Iīm also a musician (drums) . I love Cardigans and Nina of course , I think She maybe is one of the best pop-rock singer at this moment . I`m 31 years . In the past decade (90 s) I always thought that Cardigans was a teeenegers group only for romantics girls and boys but I had to realize myself that I was wrong and that was in 2003 when I donīt know why I bought "Long Gone Before Daylight" that for me is a great and wonderful record , I felt in love with Tha Cardigans and Nina of course . I`d like to thanks to the band for this great site because I feel that I can see the band as simply guys and not like Madonnas or Michael Jackson only for noun a couple of names . I love Cardigans !!! .
Posted on 2006-07-01 22:02:42
Hi, Im Ale, im 21, almost 22, from mexico city but for 4 months in Amsterdam, doing my internship in GLU Magazine. I love music, design, beers and girls. Going to see the cardigans in Summercase Barcelona!.
Posted on 2006-07-03 21:09:19
Hi, been gone for a long time, but here I come back

My name is Marcin. I live in southern Poland. I'm a high school teacher, I teach Polish. I'm 26.

I first found out about Cardigans in 1996 or 97. Yes that was Lovefool.
But my real fascination started in Gran Turismo era. It's still their best album for me.

What I enjoy is difficult to point out. Here are some thing which are coming to my mind now:
California-never been there
Italy-never been there
Japan-never been there either
Posted on 2006-07-07 04:27:05
Hey my names Minette. I used to go on this forum a lot under a different name it was Moco or soemthing like that. But I havent hung out here for probobly over 2 years. I'm 17 years old and about to start my senior year in highschool this fall. I live in Michigan. I've been into the cardigans probobly since I was in 5th grade. Ya know I got sucked in by Lovefool on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and have been hooked since. I'm really into music just listening I basicly have something playing durring all my down time. At this second its Ed Harcort he's good you guys should check him out. Along with the Cardigans my all time favorite musicians are Sondre Lerche, Ben Kweller, John Vanderslice, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Juliana Hatfield, Frente, and Snow Patrol. I'm also currently very into Her Space Holiday. I'm extreamly interested in fashion and being individual and I also am into jewlery making/metals. Thats about all I can think of for now. Nice to meet you all!
Posted on 2006-07-11 17:55:12
Hey, I'm Michelle. I'm fourteen and I first started listening The Cardigans when I was eleven.
Posted on 2006-07-12 09:20:37
Hi, everybody, I'm Letícia, from Rio, Brazil.

I'm 19, Cardigans' fan since I was 12, and I study Social Communication at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). I want to work in propaganda design and production.

I don't what to say about me... X-D

Uh, I'm a cosplayer!! X-D

Pleased to meet you!
Posted on 2006-07-14 14:40:29
hi i am Tom

i live in england and i am 17 years old. i have liked The Cardigans for many years, but never bought any of the album because the shops are rubbish where i live lol. but now i have every album and i can't stop listening to them. Give Me Your Eyes is just a fantastic song and i love the guitar work. i play guitar myself, and its bands like The Cardigans that i gt inspiration from. other bands that i love, are Blur, Gorillaz, The Ailerons, Graham Coxon and many more

thanks :)
Posted on 2006-07-14 19:40:07
Well, firtst of all sorry about my english, I really need to improve it. Iīm from Spain, I work as a graphic and web designer and Iīm a fan of The Cardigans. How did I become a fan? Quite courious, I was reading a blog of a spanish musician (Nacho Canut from Fangoria) and he said that day he discoverd a Cardiganīs cd under his sofa. The cd was Life and belonged to a friend of his, musician too, who died a time ago. He says that when he found it he remembered his friend. I didnīt kwnow the cardigans, except a few songs, by that time but I thought that reading that was a good way to discover a band. Certainly it was. I got Life from a peer to peer and I liked so much that a I bought all their cdīs a week later. Too expensive but it worths!!
Posted on 2006-07-16 13:07:54
Hey Folks! I'm Fredrika from sweden.. I live in the small town called Avesta. It's quite boring here sometimes but it's a great town to grow up in. Oh my god, now I sounded like an adoult. ;-).. But in fact I'm just 13. However, I think i become a cardie fan for maybe 2 years ago or something. I heard one of there song's on radio, and I tought it was absolutly amazing. And seens that day I've all been like a totaly super Cardigans fan.. And I most say that I like there later work more than there earlyer. Gran Turismo, Long gone before daylight and Super extra gravity is some awsome stuff! And I always got the skills when I here them.. And it was so cool to finally see them live.. I was in a town called Borlänge in sweden and there it is a really cool festival named Peace and Love, And Cardigans was so unbeliveble damed good! It was the best I've ever seen in my whole life! They played really good and I hope everyone in the band think so to īcause it's true!..

But ofcurse I like more things in this world then Cardigans.. I really enjoy sporting. Especelly swimming,tennis, fotboll, golf ect. And I like having fun whit my friends to ofcurse. And I love to sit at home and watch a good movie whit some nice company.. My absolut favorite movies is the killbill movies. And some other ones I like is Pulp Fiction,Be cool, Taking Lives,The Ring Hide and seek ect. I'm not sure there is so much more about me you sould now! So take care everyone.:-)
Posted on 2006-07-18 23:14:59
Hello, guys, I'm Rafael from (Belo Horizonte) Brazil.

I'm 20 years old and I study Geography School. I would like to make new friends in here. Take care..

Posted on 2006-07-19 14:29:06
hey hey! I'm Matt from Toronto Canada. today is my first day on this forum, and I have to say I am impressed by the simplicity of the site, you don't have to choose between hundreds of thread categories, and Second I was impressed/surprised by the wide range of fans that post here, and up to date. I bow to the Band for putting up an top notch forum!

Look forward to seeing you at the unconfirmed Toronto concert
Posted on 2006-07-20 18:15:13
i love rock & roll guys!! i'm from venezuela, female 16 years old i'm new in this page so i wanna get to know u all!! god bless u love & peace... jeje so i hope i do!! i really loke this band it's very cool yeah...

so be nice and have fun 'cause you only live once

don't be afraid... never, ever

belive and make belive always!!
Posted on 2006-07-21 14:12:19
damnit... lost my last post...
went from cardigans released stuff like love fool, favorite game, erase and rewind when they came out to Nina Perrson's Algebra type stuff last year to suddenly discovering that the cardigans are pretty much a tidal wave of heavy feeling
I have been listening to cardigans on repeat for the past month+ and very little else
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