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Posted on 2006-07-21 14:13:30
i'm fernando from brazil but please call me fe, it's how my friends call me. i like so much of music and i dore cardigans. i'd like to meet everyone who li them too, so give me a ring in or add me in your msn.
i want to be a book writer.
what can i say anymore....
i idore to talk.
so i'm waiting for you.
Posted on 2006-07-21 16:26:40
fernandonunes wrote:

so i'm waiting for you.

thats the tadest bit of a creepy way to put it
Posted on 2006-07-22 21:29:12
Ana Eunice
well im ANA EUNICE
place of living: argentina
age 19
white, brown hair, green eyes
ocuppation medicine student
hobbies: being insane, studying theatre, listen to music, waching movies, get drunk
I guees no one is interested in how i knew about the cardigans, i d prefer to say i admire them for their great music
defects: horrible english (thats the only one i ve jejejejejejeje)
Posted on 2006-07-23 23:12:46
hobbies: being insane, studying theatre, listen to music, waching movies, get drunk
No sex ?
You know, here is the main subject is sex.
Posted on 2006-07-24 07:10:25
My name is Anya. I am from Ukraine.
To be exact: I live in very nice green and too busy city - Kyiv,it's the capital of Ukraine.

My birthday is on the 14th of May. As for me I look pretty well for the person, born in the previous century. I am studing in National Aviation University in Kyiv at the faculty of computer science. Some people are very suprised to hear such thing (mostly guys), but it's true: I'll be programmer and find this quite fascinating. It's creativity of some kind. Also I study vocal singing and had some experience in singing in public as back-vocalist.

In fact, music is the essential part of my life. 8 years of my little life was devoted to music school (piano playing). Now piano playing is more like a hobby, I spend more time singing, although I hated it while I was in music school, in fact I hated music school as a whole.

I am fond of modern arts. Like to visit foreign theatre plays. The separate item is music concerts. I like to listen bands and vocalists firstly alive and then to listen their studio records, because
the real feelings musicians, in my opinion, can express on live shows. The atmophere is very special there.

As for theCardigans, first song I heard was Lovefool, but I didn't who was performing it. The next was MyFavouriteGame, which was real breakthrough in Ukrainian music TV.I have seen both concerts of TheCardigans in Kyiv on 6/12/03 and on 20/05/06. On the first concert I caught the rose from Nina and my brother met his girlfriend and, who knows, they may get married soon. On the second show I managed to talk with Magnus for real and get his autograph. I really hope to see the band some times more because they are just brilliant, glorious, magnificent, splendid, superb and tremendous, you know it! And the most important thing that they are really nice and open people.

I love kind people and playing tennis, warm weather and travelling, dancing and smiling, jeans and sexy dresses,singing and eating ice-cream ,sport shoes and sweet cherries, hugs and kisses, sun and my good mood, national football team of Portugal, falling in love and driving the car, walking on the grass without footwear and night sky at the coutryside, lip gloss with fruit taste and tulips ... (too long list,I know ;))
Posted on 2006-07-24 23:31:28
I am Eduardo, I am from PORTUGAL, and I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really... love THE CARDIGANS. Im I a fan? Well I havent got yet EMMERDALE and GRAN TURISMO (wich I will buy for sure).

Will "THE CARDIGANS" be the next sweedish mania like ABBA, or... are they already? Nina its not blonde anymore!

How do they feel about this brilliant team? : ABBA

Will they say: no, no, we are EUROPEANS, please dont forget:



Oh by the way, I love THE CARDIGANS!

P.S. - I have heard GRAN TURISMO, someone borrowed to me. EMMERDALE?!......Humm not yet. NO RUSH!
Posted on 2006-07-26 22:55:55
well, long time without visiting here. my name is patricio, and my second name is sebastian (see: patricio=pato, sebastian=seba, pato-seba, patoseba....holy sh!t, how original!) and i'm 26. i'm a chilean guy (a liking-guys kinda guy haha) and currently i'm on middle-year vacations from university, and doing an supermassive files back-up, because i'm moving from a 230Gb-PC to a 80Gb-laptop. i enjoy music and cinema mostly, and as i've said in the past, i'd like to consider myself as a drummer, but i rather see myself as a guy who play drums.

i discovered cardigans's music in 1996, with "carnival". i went in a student travel to mexico, and there i bought 15 cd's of music (looking back, although, i'd call only 10 of those cd "music hehe), one of them was "life". i really loved it, and a month later after i came back to chile, my brother won a travel to usa, and bought me there "fbotm". within a month i had a cardigans's overdose, but i enjoyed it, and i still do, after all this years. as i've also said in the past, my favorite cd is "fbotm", with second runner being "seg". i have a wide range of musical taste, going from dannii minogue (whose "hits and beyond" i'm listening right now), to muse ("black holes and revelations" it's my everyday-music right's SO GOOD!); garbage, beatles, cranberries, sheryl crow, queens of the stone age, pulp, blur, oasis, kylie, madonna......all these suits me very fine! hehehe

(i tried to upload a pic to my profile a long time ago, but for some unknown reasons, it never passed the censorship....i'll try again)
Posted on 2006-07-28 05:57:51
hi im angelic26 20yrs old hails from philippines
nice to meet you guys out there
Posted on 2006-07-28 16:07:57
Hi I'm Catherine and I'm 18 years old.
I live in Santiago of Chile. I think that my country is really beautiful but it is not very well-known by a lot of people... Someday I will travel to other countries like England (I hope and I wish have the opportunity... a lot).
Now I'm a university student of economy and english(I'm a novice in this area, so I hope not to make a lot of mistakes) , this is my first year and it is really difficult but I like it^^...and I must make an effort to achieve my purpose.
Since 5 years ago I started to understand what is the real mean of the music and The Cardigans's songs help me to do it. The music and the movies are my passion I like to listen pop and rock everytime that I can and see films like About a boy, Memoirs of a Geisha, Sen to Chihiro, Howl's moving castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, My neighbor Totoro (Ghibli studio), etc...
The first time that I listened The Cardigans was when I was a joung girl (a few years ago)... I really like the melody, but I didn't know what I was listening... a years later I became a fan of Cardigans group, and one day I realized that the song that I heard when I was young was the same of The Cardigans... that was a special moment in my life :)
I love listening to "For the boys", "Need some fine wine", "Live and learn" and all the songs really...

I hope that one day The Cardigans travel to my country... I want to go to a concert, a real concert...
OK I must go to class now, I really enjoy doing this, bye U.u
Posted on 2006-07-28 18:30:16
Hey everyone
My name is Eugenio and everyone calls me Geninho (or Ge).
Im 22 years old, work as a lawyer from an oil company and Im also a Journalism student (I recently discovered that a member of this forum studies with me when we were chatting about favorite bands BIG coincidence).
If you guys one day came to Rio, contact me. Its always nice to talk to Cardigans fans. For starters, we have good taste on music.
Posted on 2006-07-29 05:18:42
hi!!!!! my name is jessica, i`m from mexico!!!! in the south of america the cardigans isn`t a group with many fans, but some fans like me, we need, web sites, where we can see the whole information about this great group, and for us it`s very important that you join us in your contacs, because this way, we can meet a REAL candigans fan!!!!!

my e-mail is:
p.d we need help
Posted on 2006-07-29 23:36:31
laaran wrote:
hobbies: being insane, studying theatre, listen to music, waching movies, get drunk
No sex ?
You know, here is the main subject is sex.

thats true!
Posted on 2006-07-31 22:56:44
Hey!, I'm Ville, I live in Finland, and I'm soon moving somewhere near Helsinki. I fell in love with The Cardigans in 2004 when they were performing in Ankkarock. I had heard some of their songs before but I didn't really know anything about them. But I'm glad that I was curious and somehow ended up in the front row, and the gig was great, there was some problems because it was raining so hard but the atmosphere was just wonderfull. So since then The Cardigans has been the most important and most listened band in my life.

After that Ankkarock gig I've been lucky and seen them live twice this year, 17.3 in Tavastia and few weeks ago in Ruisrock and it's just the special, lovely and weird feeling that comes everytime when listening to them, I just want more, heh, maybe there's something messed up in my head but I'm happy with it.

I listen to other artists aswell, what a suprise, so some of them I like the most : Johnny Cash,The Clash, Black Sabbath, Ozzys solo stuff, Hanoi Rocks, Rush, David Bowie, The Sounds, Helloween, Eric Clapton...

So hello to everyone in cardigansland, there's something about me and if you want know more just ask, I'm sometimes too shy and haven't posted that much if anything but hopefully that will change and you'll get to know me better.
Posted on 2006-08-01 05:54:14
Heya All!

This is Johan giving ya shout out from Toronto, Canada! I'm a long time fan of the Cardies and they remain one of my faves. Since my very first Cardigans concert in 1999, I've been hooked! I've gone out of my way in three countries to see the Cardigans live -- thanks to my job(I'm a flight attendant)!

My favorite songs are continously changing -- in the moment I'm in awe with "Don't Blame Your Daughter," but I've had my urges of blasting out Rise and Shine, Paralyzed, or Communication. Of course the performance of Communication at the Nobel Peace Prize is one of my favorites.

Anyway I don't know what else to say but can't wait to see the Cardies live again soon!
Posted on 2006-08-04 01:03:02
Hi! Im kinda new here, been a member for a few months, but i dont post that much. Just wanted to say hello. Anyways, my name is Maria, im 25 yrs old and i live in Sweden. Have a good time! :D
Posted on 2006-08-07 02:26:10
Hi Everybody,
Its Alam from Leicester,UK.I'm 24 just graduated in Economics from The University Of Leicester.Just got back from Denmark awesome country!!

Love cardigans/garbage open to all different sort of muzic!!!

Anywy mate cu l8r till than sionara!!

E-mail (dangerous!!!0

Posted on 2006-08-07 04:59:32
travis rex
hey guys!

i'm travis (rex is my middle name- hence the nickname). i live in a university town in michigan in the U.S.- strangely enough, i live across the street from the apartment that madonna lived in college.

i'm the night supervisor at a photocopying shop and i work a lot. it's actually fun since all the guys who work with me are all indie-rock nerds and we just play records and gossip about our friends all night (although there's lots of papercuts and burning my fingers on overheated machines. that part...not so much fun).

i've played the cello for 18 years although i don't play anymore outside of playing in bands occasionally or for friends. i play guitar too, and i'm really hoping to get a banjo for christmas this year. i played on a couple tracks on this record:,00.html

i got into the cardigans when FBOTM came out (heavy rotation, you know). i think romeo & juliet was when i first heard them. anyway, later that year i spent a couple of months in ireland (home to more than a few forum-members) and picked up a copy of Life, which didn't leave my stereo for about three years. started collecting singles and whatnot, joined the forum in 2001 or whenever the last incarnation of it started, and i've been lurking around ever since. i've only seen the cardies live twice and it looks like i'm going to have to cross the pond again if i'm to see them a few more times before i die of old age.

other hobbies include drinking, shopping, and BORING MY FRIENDS TO DEATH BY TALKING ABOUT THE CARDIGANS ALL THE TIME (particularly after drinking). seriously. i don't understand why they put up with me.
Posted on 2006-08-07 17:58:42

i see that there is quite a few people who have already posted there bio's here.. well im soon to be 30 god forbid and i live in Indianapolis, In and right now im into school alot..majoring in forensic science and loving every hard minute of it.. im looking to find some avid cardi fans here in indiana but have yet to do so.. well i love all there is about nina and the boy's and canwait to see what they will com up with next!!

Posted on 2006-08-07 18:00:05

i see that there is quite a few people who have already posted there bio's here.. well im soon to be 30 god forbid and i live in Indianapolis, In and right now im into school alot..majoring in forensic science and loving every hard minute of it.. im looking to find some avid cardi fans here in indiana but have yet to do so.. well i love all there is about nina and the boy's and can't wait to see what they will come up with next!!

Posted on 2006-08-23 12:01:34
Hi everybody !

Im' christophe, I come from Marseille in France. I'm 20, I'm student about comptability. I don't speak english very well as you can see it. But I swear it : I try to make my english better.
Posted on 2006-08-23 13:07:05
I've forgotten to add : I was 3 years old on my avatar !
Posted on 2006-08-25 14:01:06
OK. What I love about The Cardies apart from their consumate musicianship are their 'themes'. I'm something of a S&M fantasy freak myself ...
Posted on 2006-08-27 02:03:26
Ignatz Rohrbacher
ol! eu acho que sou o nico brasileiro por aqui..
se aparecer mais algum me avisem!
Posted on 2006-08-28 07:18:30
Greetings from Minsk, Belarus!
Thanx for yesterday's great show! You are the best! Special thanx for your "Zhive Belarus" (Viva Belarus!) at the end of the perfomance - it's the voice of all free people here, in last dictatorship in Europe.
Posted on 2006-08-28 14:02:40
Great show yesterday in Minsk Aiport I. Thanks a lot. And special thanks for "Zhive BELARUS" in the end. You are the Best. We love you.
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