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Posted on 2007-02-12 10:25:53
I'm Adam and while I'm not really "new" here, I'm kind of unactive, so...yeah.

First heard of The Cardigans around the era of "Lovefool" '97ish, that would have made me 11. In fact I think 'First Band on the Moon' was a B-day gift, good call Mom and Dad. Recieved 'Gran Turismo' for Christmas in '98. Then nothing. I didn't get on the internet ever back then so I didn't know they had anything else to offer. Summer of '02 was browsing Best Buy and they had the Emmerdale with Bonus CD, having no cash on me I hid the copy they had and returned the next day and bought it. August of '02 I joined the computer age and got online and discovered that not only were The Cardigans making a new album, but they had a whole other one I didn't own, 'LIFE' (So thats what those bonus tracks of Emmerdale came from, I'm an idiot.). As I was still new to the internet, I didn't buy anything off of it and waited for 'Long Gone Before Daylight' to be released in the US, and I searched high and low for 'LIFE'. After getting 'LGBD' in '04, i finally got 'LIFE' in the winter of '05, then got my 'Super Extra Gravity' spring '06 (I finally started buying off the internet), then snatched a copy of 'The Other Side Of The Moon' off ebay in Nov '06.

That was obscenely long. I am kind of embarrassed. And I'm over it.

I love theatre, and I am currently studying acting in NYC.
If you want to know anymore, feel free to check out my MySpace. (I don't know how to post the link, I never paid attention in my high school Computer classes.)

or aim

btw gimsocoo means Gee, I'm so cool! Thats right, I'm clever.
Posted on 2007-02-12 10:26:33
Hey look, it did the link on its own. Sweet.
Posted on 2007-02-13 13:54:23
Yo :} My name is Mikaela, um... i come from Sweden.. um.. but I live in Singapore.. my fav. band is The Rasmus....well I'm not that interesting. I like the Cardigans because they are cool, I like Nina's attitude and so on ._.
Posted on 2007-02-14 14:15:25
Hi I'm nigar from Turkey. 24 years old, mastering on social psychology, and working for ministry of health in a very small city.
I'm a cardifan since 1997. discovered with Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack. then bought FBOTM they were both casette versions. I don't really remember how many times i listened over and over that album... I losted it somehow afterwards....
My brother was became a so-called cardifan at Gran Turismo era. He mentioned band as "best band from sweden after ABBA" He turned back after LGBD but that wasn't about band. He only listens classic music now.

at 2002 i found Life album and began to obsess to cardigans once again, with feeling. since then cardigans never lost it's special place in my heart.
I saw them live 2 times, first in Rock'n coke festival 2003, second in İstanbul last year. waited for hours to be in the front, made me feel really excited....
My other musical obsession is Placebo. I'm an admin of turkish placebo fansite. But in the foreign music section of our forum i gave a special place to the cardies :)
Posted on 2007-02-18 22:34:21
Im from Portugal.
This site is very cool, has nice threads.
I wonder how can I get "For the boys" song? Its a very catchy tune, should be a single!
Posted on 2007-02-19 09:32:52
hi im bondy 27 from indonesia
waiting for you, the cardigans, to play here!
Posted on 2007-02-22 11:14:50
Kev from Norwich, England. Im 33 and have just refound the Cardigans. Fantastic music - cant wait till you tour your next album!
Posted on 2007-02-23 22:58:02
well im new to the website my love and enjoyment for the music of the band is big i love to hear Nina´s voice plus hearing the lyrics remembers me of a lovely young lady i adore. hope to see them live one day.
Posted on 2007-03-01 14:26:09
Hey over there, no need to say where I'm from. As most of the others above, I've found out and fell in love for Cardigans when I first saw Lovefool. Since then I've been following their work and each solo works as well. Hope they might come back for another concert around here. It was really great! ;)
Posted on 2007-03-01 18:48:02
Hi! This is HappyCamper. I'm from the Emerald Isle and I'm here because , like everyone else, my love of the greatest band ever The Cardigans.
I've been a fan of theirs for two years now even though it's technically ten. You see between the years 1997-2005, I always had the choruses of Lovefool and Erase/Rewind but I never knew who played them. It got quite annoying until that April day in 2005. While searching throught music channels for something to watch I stumbled upon the begining of Lovefool. Only at the chorus was when I realised "It's THAT song". The song which, for EIGHT years, would pop into my head at random times. I wanted to find out more about this band and then came the day I stumbled across Erase/ Rewind. My reaction "It's THAT song....It's by the SAME band....How come it took eight years for me to find out who played these songs.I will never know. And I've been a fan ever since. Well that's my story of how I discovered this magnificant band.
I first got GT, then Life, then FBOTM, then SEG, then LGBD and finally Emmerdale. I also managed to get Righteous Boy's and A Camp's albums off Amazon. Every Album wonderful in it's own way.
And oh yes....greetings to all who enter here!
Posted on 2007-03-07 05:45:48
Marcos A.
Hi all!!! I'm Marcos. I'm brazillian and my english is toooooo baddddd xD.
Well...i have 19 year old, i live in a city called Pará de Minas in Minas Gerais.
I luv the Nina Persson voice and her beauty too, my dream is go in a show of the Cardigans. Plz come back to Brazil, plz!!!!!!

Ps.: Sorry my bad english
Posted on 2007-03-14 16:39:04
Hi, I'm Cristel, i turned 15 last September.
I like to watch movies (johnny Depp!! )
I like to listen to music ( the Cardigans, Oasis, the Hush sound)
I don't like to wake up early when I''m tired...
I don't like people who are really lazy when they actually need to do important things
I don't like people who're drunk and say they ain't but next day the think they're the greatest because the think they were drunk confusing
I like to draw, i draw a lot, like Manga, portrets, and random stuff
well, that's it i think
Posted on 2007-03-15 15:21:29
Hello Everybody!!!
I'm Isabella, 23 years old, from Moscow (Russia).
I love The Cardigans very much!!)))
Posted on 2007-03-19 06:21:54
Hi everybody.My name is Jay(31) and I think the Cardigans are the best band making truly great "pop" music.I still remember hearing "Step on me" in 1996 on college radio and I was really blown away and immediatly knew this band is genius.Of the thousands of cd's/records I have,the Cardigans albums are ones that I'll always go back to, and never get tierd of.Best to everyone on the board...
Posted on 2007-04-06 21:16:34
Hello everybody!
I'm from a small european country, Republic of Moldova, and i live in a nice city called Cahul...I think u never heard about it:)..however I'm here for the 1'st time and I wont to meet new Cardfans(like me:)).
About me: I'm 19 years old, I'm studying the economy in Roumania, I like very much listening to the music, watch good movies, read books and also i love sport (especialy tae bo). My favourites bands are Cardigans(of course), Linkin Park, Him, Greenday... I love russian and roumanian rock... I speak just a little english, so I appologize for my eventuals mistakes...:), also i learned at school french, russian and roumanian languages...
Bye bye
Posted on 2007-04-07 22:55:55
I'm not new, I'm just back from like a hiatus I guess. What happened was I knocked a glass of lemonade over my labtop last year, which killed it. So, I got a new labtop a few months later, and I think music just went by the wayside and I didn't visit the board often. Anyway, I've sort of rediscovered the Cardigans again as well as music in general, so yep I'm back.
Posted on 2007-04-09 10:31:00
Hi everyone!I'm Rebecca from China.I should say I love Nina's sweet voice very much!She's great!And so are the Cardigans!
By the way,nice to meet you guys!:-)
Posted on 2007-04-11 09:09:58
Hey hey hey!

I'm new here! I'm from Singapore and I love the Cardigans! ;) Just want to shout out to everybody =D

Posted on 2007-04-11 19:54:19
hi my name's jaimy
i live in holland and was born and raised there too.
i'm a big music lover and i never knew the cardigans untill i saw a clip of my favourite game and began looking for other songs of them.
now i know pretty much all the singles out of my head (save about three because i can't seem to find them anywhere.

i'm now a fan for about a half year or so and am also a huge fan of the group texas if you don't know them you should take a look at they're huge fansite:

i don't speak a word swedish (well i can count to four thanks to the live version of for what it's worth) i do speak english,dutch,and i understand german, but can't speak it very well.
Posted on 2007-04-20 10:11:15
Hi there!
I'm Emese, i'm 24 and live Hungary. I've been studying law for 5 years and now i'm preparing for my very-last exam... I can make it only with Cardigans in my ears:)

To tell the truth, i'm not a 'real' Cardigans fan yet, but i think i'm slowly becoming one:)
The first song i heard from them was Lovefool. I loved that Romeo&Juliet movie, loved it's soundtrack (and loved Leo DiCaprio :P ). But years passed and i forgot all about it (fortunately including my love for Leo;) ). I knew videos like Erase and Rewind or Losing my favourite game or Burning down the house with Tom Jones but that's all.

Some months ago i had a DREAM :) In that dream i heared Lovefool. The next day i had an irresistable desire to listen to it again, so i searched for the old-old R&Juliet soundtrack among my cds.. Many things changed since i was 15 but one surely didn't: that music is still great!

Then i thought i might as well listen to some other Cardigans songs, why not. So i started to listen to the cds one after another. Although (in my opinion:) Lovefool has nothing to do with the rest of Cardigans music, i loved the rest as well. I'm not a musician, i never studied music, but i have heared many sorts of it. The music of Cardigans is interesting, exciting, i can tell one song from the other and i can definitely tell Cardigans' songs from other bands' songs.

Sooo for some weeks now i only listen to your songs, and although on the first day i thought i would go mad from the voice of Nina, i didn't turn it off and i got comlpletely addicted:)

When i visited this site i was astonished to see that besides i can ask things from you, you have questions to ask form me:) The very best thing here is that i can use letters like "ö" and "ü" because they exist in Swedish :D

Other bands i love: RHCP, Placebo, Coldplay, Pink Floyd (mostly The Wall:), Shakira..
Hungarian bands: Jamie Winchester&Hrutka Robert, Ákos, Ghymes
and some freak jazz things like European Mantra or Kaltenecker Trio (also from Hungary;)

Oh, and i almost forgot: my absolute favourite Cardigans song is No sleep, for the lines: "the comfort of fireflies / Long gone before daylight".

i love you all:)
Posted on 2007-04-22 22:02:02
Hiya! This is Neel from Russia. XD I am a 19 y.o. university student.

I first heard The Cardigans when I was a schoolboy (13 or 14). There was "You're The Storm" on MTV. I remember being spellbound by Nina's sad voice as well. When I bought 'LGBD', it was in my CD player for many weeks straight. I was rather surprised when I finally found the band's first studio albums. "First Band On the Moon" is my favourite Cardigans album even up to now. I just love those funky tunes. :D

If you feel like getting to know me better, feel free to add me on AIM - BolicSound.

See you. :)
Posted on 2007-05-01 02:16:56
Hi,I'm Patricia...I'm from Brazil and I can't believe I missed The Cardigans concert...aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....damn it,it's the second time something like this happen,the first was when Sonic Youth came...but I hope my favourite swedes come back and this time I'll be there....
Posted on 2007-05-09 13:07:10
Hi, i'm from Hawaii, USA.

I guess you could say i'm a new fan, even though I heard and liked "Lovefool" way back in the ninties when the Cardies were everywhere. But after that i became completely oblivious to their existence until almost two years ago when I say them on a "similar artists" list for Eisley, another band I like.

It's too bad that the Cardigans are widely considered a one-hit-wonder here, because I feel like I've missed out all those years. It's okay though, because I still have some catching up to do. I just hope that this current break that the band is taking doesn't take too unbearably long.
Posted on 2007-05-19 12:20:25
I'm Julie, i'm 17.
I know the group the cardigans recently of time and I like very much.
I lived in France, then excuse I if I make some mistakes. My english is not completed!

I am student. I play the guitar since 2years and I am fascinated by music.
Posted on 2007-05-30 11:47:27
hi, i'm so interested in the town you live,so i connect.
well, i don't know what more can i say.
i'll be 21 when the next 14th of july comes.
i'm a girl from luoyang, "city of peony".
i first heard the cardigans on the radio about 4years ago, but i fell in love with nina's sweet voice just a few days ago.
i also listened to nirvana when i was in high school, but now i prefer something that makes me relax.

and, nice to meet you...
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