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Posted on 2006-06-15 02:27:55
Ok,I mean alcohol.. But it can be any other drink..
And yes,what you dislike.

I like water (normal,yeah),but I drink it ALOT!
Don't like juice,or any other fruit product.If I want some fruit,I eat it.
Alcohol.. of course -VODKA.
Beer,ok..Wine -NO. Never again But I literaly stick to that.

Ok,your turn..
Posted on 2006-06-15 02:38:12
Hmmm, I like diet Coke, it tastes so much better than the regular one! I also drink a lot of water and coffee, can't live without coffee.
Alcoholic drinks... don't have a favorite one (that doesn't mean that I'm an alcoholic! ), I only know that I don't like beer, at least not its smell. Daiquiri is pretty good
Posted on 2006-06-15 02:48:55
Vinaigre balsamique.

Cider (Irish).
Horchata de Chufa (milk + sirop d'orgeat).

Viandox remains the best, but you can't have that in a pub.
Posted on 2006-06-15 03:41:52

The only beer I like is Estrella. The only soft-drink I care for is Club Orange. And then there's milk (been craving a lot of that lately), and water (which needs to be really cold with a lemon slice in it - tastes awful coming out of a tap).

By the way, if any of you do happen to want to try those drinks I've linked above, go ahead. I've ordered lots and lots from those websites, never had a single problem with them.
Posted on 2006-06-15 11:17:21
Beer (good ones), wine (red), gin & tonic (in summer), other stuff occasionally. But I'd say my specialist subject is beer - I currently have about 12 different ones in my fridge (well, there is a lot of football to watch at the moment and you have to choose the right beer to go with each match...)

Otherwise about 3-4 litres of water a day, coffee, tea, juice, milk - not really into fizzy sugar-laden drinks.
Posted on 2006-06-15 18:38:02
Alcohol: beer (specially blonde and stout), red wine, chinabark spirit, cocktails (but only made by skilled bartenders! 90% of cocktails are crap out there..).

Soft drinks: still water, Pepsi (it's REALLY different from Coke!), juices, tea. I don't drink coffee and don't go crazy for all those teeth-decayer fizzy drinks.

By the way, I'm a "cocktails&long drinks' maker" graduate and I like homebrewing. :)
Posted on 2006-06-16 15:00:11
I like southern comfort with sprite. I really like this cherry drink that I developed with the bartender of one of my favourite bars and I reallly really like this really cool drink that you can only get from one certain "patio" on the market square of my hometown. so good. Maybe I now have to go and get one....

oh, and from non-alchol drinks (sometimes I give in and get one of those ;)) I prefer cranberry juice (homemade, no added sugar), blackberry juice, water (I drink like 2½ L of water per day), icetea and moccachino.

And also I have to say, ´cause it´s so darn hot outside, that nothing beats a cold beer, cider or a long drink drank in the shade.......
Posted on 2006-06-16 15:08:58
Small-Talker wrote:
- tastes awful coming out of a tap).

not around here
Posted on 2006-06-19 06:23:01
Take a Mentos, crunch it with your teeth, take a big swig of Diet Coke and keep mouth closed!
Posted on 2006-06-19 06:24:59
The inspiration:
Posted on 2006-06-19 06:26:46
Posted on 2006-06-19 09:55:47
And people still drink that stuff?? Scary...
Posted on 2006-06-19 09:57:07
When I used to kayak on polluted British rivers, a can of cola was the best insurance against loose bowels - very effective. Also good to removing rust. But as a regular drink...?
Posted on 2006-06-19 13:49:41
Three words...
Gin & Tonic.
MUST be served in a tall glass with a slice of lime, wipe another slice of lime 'round the rim then squeeze the remainder into the mix... perfect!
If you are served a G&T with a slice of lemon, then demand a re-make!

oh, and then there's BEER (of course), my favourites being the continental-fighting-lagers (Staropramen, Budvar, San Miguel, Stella etc)

oh, and then there's wine. But I'm no connoiseur.
and whiskey. and Sambuca, and tequila (oh dear) and etc etc etc
Posted on 2006-06-19 21:13:46
I don't drink alcohol, so I have no preferences in that arena.

As far as others:

- Diet Soda (Red Cream Soda is my favorite)
- Smoothies
- Slushies
- White Grapefruit Juice
- Vanilla Soy Milk
- Chai Soy Latte ( drinks are gross)
Posted on 2006-06-20 00:45:19
coke classic
Bubble Tea
Posted on 2006-06-20 06:29:34
travis rex
the three months i spent in ireland taught me to distrust tap water, so i see small-talker's point there. that said:


pink grapefruit juice
cranberry juice
any kind of lemonade (kind of an american thing, we will drink this at any point as long it is summertime)
earl grey, hot (i'm a bit of a 'star trek' nerd and this beverage was introduced to me by a certain fictional ship's captain)


for drinking alone or drinking before the show:

the worst malt liquor i can find. in america there is a type of beer that is marketed to the very poorest of poor people because although it tastes like garbage marinated in piss, it has a super-high alcohol content and costs less than a small pizza. i particularly like 'Camo Silver Ice' and 'Steel Reserve.'

for going out on the town, its 'gin & tonic' all the way.

for dates its Charles Shaw "cabernet sauvignon." fuck the trendy shiraz.
Posted on 2006-06-21 13:11:42
Philip, what's Bubble Tea? Sounds intriguing. Something you sip in a bath...?
Posted on 2006-06-21 13:24:21
karlf wrote:
Philip, what's Bubble Tea? Sounds intriguing. Something you sip in a bath...?

No,but,so it won't come to this kind of misunderstanding,some could explain if there's some new or not that well known drink..?
I don't know what Bubble Tea is
Posted on 2006-06-21 17:20:22
Bubble Tea is a drink that they have in chinese/taiwanese cafes.
What it is, is different flavored teas, but they have something called tapioca pearls. They are shaped like little bubbles. They are chewy, I would best describe it as gelatinous little balls.
Posted on 2006-06-21 19:01:59
Realphilip747 wrote:
Bubble Tea is a drink that they have in chinese/taiwanese cafes.
What it is, is different flavored teas, but they have something called tapioca pearls. They are shaped like little bubbles. They are chewy, I would best describe it as gelatinous little balls.

I'm sure I'd like that!!
Posted on 2006-06-21 19:04:59
I should drink more alcohol.
I can not keep a job when I am sober.
Maybe I can keep a job if I am drunk all the day. Not drunk, not completely, just a bit, to forget the other people and their problems.
Posted on 2006-06-21 19:58:26
laaran, you're either kidding or an alcoholic...
hoping for you that it's the first
Posted on 2006-06-21 20:36:27
Honestly, with all my sincere words..
The fact that when I read things by Laraan I imagine them told in a frenchy english accent, makes everything harder to cope with...

At least I have been honest, no? ;)
And my italoenglish is not that lovely, anyway...

Posted on 2006-06-21 20:37:08
OK, then having to work with :
- one guy with Portuguese parents. His father took part in an anti-independence war in Africa. And he managed to choose one of the most brutal part of French army for his national duty.
- one married and want to divorce. But his wife has no job, he fears the French court will ask him to pay her a rent, so he tries to flee to the USA.
- the team manager is divorced and seem to be so sad from that
- one manager I liked, the only one I liked (I met her when I entered the company) was pushed away and sent to a dirty job. The division didn't get enough money when she was managing the division.
- a girl was nice. I had a dinner with several people of the team, including her. At the end of the dinner, she got a phonecall, she just went some meters away. One of her friend go to speak with her, she comes back "someone is dead in her family".

You don't call that people with problems ?
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