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Posted on 2006-07-15 17:42:31
i never said only patriots give money to charity, but its a type of patriotism, since by helping the less fortunate you are helping to make your country stronger.

When Washington and the rest of the colonials were over here, it already was because they wanted to escape the cluthches of the King. So no they werent patriotic to England. Once they declared their independence, they were patriotic to their new country

I dont blindly follow Bush, all f you might think just because I agree with a majority of what he stands for I do disagree on somethings with him. BUt since all of you hate him, even agreeing with 1 thing makes you call it blind allegiance.

Patriotism and Nationalism

Devotion to the interests or culture of one's nation.

Love of and devotion to one's country.

They seem to go hand in hand
Posted on 2006-07-16 08:32:41
^John Nationalism meets Joe Patriotism. Love at first sight!
Hand in hand they walk.
To the recruitment center?
Gays in the military...(shhh, ok!)
Back home war weary, teary there'll be no
Gay way!
Even if they wear red white and blue.

I just thought Patriotism & Nationalism would make a cute couple. That's all.
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