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Posted on 2006-07-12 12:00:56
Alfred Dreyfus was put on trial in 1894 and was accused of espionage, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison on Devil's Island. In September of 1899, he was offered a pardon from the president of France, and could go back to freedom.
It was not until 1906 that Dreyfus was exonerated of the charges and readmitted into the army. He was also made a knight in the Legion of Honour. Dreyfus served behind the lines of the Western Front during World War I.
(from wikipedia)

Two people created false papers to accuse him. Only one of them was judged in 1999.

In 1996, some people discovered the truth. They began a campaign (in newspapers) to spread the information.
The reaction was a campaign of antisemitism against Dreyfus.

France in 1893-4 ? Not a democracy.
Several people were sent to jail (life sentence) for "dangerous" attitude (dangerous for the country). In Milhau, one of them just song a revolutionnary song. Just a song.
Link in French

The army of 1894 was the army of colonization. You can imagine the atmosphere inside this army.
Posted on 2006-07-12 13:44:45
Your point is?...
Posted on 2006-07-12 14:14:26
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Posted on 2006-07-12 14:56:35
Your point is?...
Most French people learn that at school.
I think it is important to tell a bit more about France.
Since 1789, it was not the country of freedom and human rights.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Some people fought for that (through papers, weapons but I don't like that, or jail), some people fought for "discipline" and order.
The future of France is not yet written, both forces exist inside the country.
Posted on 2006-07-12 20:39:23
your navel is just dirty, and your on an internatonal forum, do not as stupid than the old forum was with the politic and religious intervention, which were a bit discusty at the end..

yep france is not as beautifull, but do you really think that is the good place to talk about it, you should try, open-democraty forum forthat or some other place..

in fact if you could live this forum it will give a better opinion of french people, you seem understand nothing about the feeling of the other forumer. you stay on your little ego, thinking that what youre saying is the most important thing ever said, you're arrogant and vain.. well seeing you i understand better what people can feel sometime with most of us..

see ya laaran, change or live this peacefull place.
Posted on 2006-07-12 21:57:27
What is so wrong ?
It happened 100 years ago. Exactly 100 years ago.

it will give a better opinion of french people
What is so wrong with this story ?
I learned that at school. My reactions was : "it is rather nice, the good ones won and the country changed in the good direction." Dreyfus himself told that after 1906. He didn't ask for money, and said he felt he helped for a just cause.

I don't post about something sad. Dreyfus never got angry about the jail.
More stories like that would make the world a lot better.
Posted on 2006-07-13 00:14:03
I know.
That looks so common, a story with a happy end.

Let's write it another way.
In 1999, Dreyfus was offered pardon. He died from a heart attack when he learned the news.
His wife went to jail for the burial.
There she met the cell-roommate of Dreyfus. They fell in love each other. This guy was sentenced to life too.
She had no choice to be with him. She killed an innocent, and was sent to the prison.
They lived in this jail for 32 years, and had 12 children.
In this jail, they never heard about the first world war (Devil's Island is an island).

Conclusion : Dreyfus (husband) went to paradise, alone and bored. His wife stayed in hell, and had a wonderful life.

Note : I come from this union, you can trust my words, this is the real story. Only those who believe my words will enter the house of my father (Elysée, ask for Jacques Chirac).
Posted on 2006-07-13 23:34:35
and you are the savior of dreyfus, with mask of ùmasked vengeor, you fight during 2 000post to bother everyone with these national story. pff..

well, i don't say that your fight is not right, the fact about dreyfus is an big part of our history.. some wants now that the victime goes into the pantheon where his two great defenders, zola, and one other are sleeping..

to my self i think that if these evenement is so great is not only because our justice have fail 1 hunderd years ago. it's a great fact, because there were a real slip of all the french population, some were for dreyfus, and some against him..

sure our state, our intouchable justice have fail, and hev to present excuse to dreyfus. it's that whatever the man are justice can be wrong, and it's ever possible to open eyes to institution on their mistakes..

for me it's what the dreyfus affair learn us.. the truth can ever win if there some people to defend it..

and if zola with its famous "j'accuse" in the first page of a great newspaper, it was not the only, clemanceau, annatole france, leon blum and many other artist, scientist, etc etc, had defend dreyfus, and make everything possible to re-open the dreyfus files...

and they win..
by the way it's impossible to change the past, and the 20years that this man ahd past into the iland of devil in guyana.. but his honnor have retablished, and the honnor of our republique too.. why?? because justice never be the same after the crime which ahve been done against dreyfus..

should dreyfus have to slep into our pantheon, i think that dreyfus was more the victime of something, than a true heros as could be their defenders zola and blum.. dreyfus have really defend his life against justice as everyone of us will do. but how many of us will risk his life for a man, a young soldier for nothing?? few, and that why there is a little differnce beetwen dreyfus, and zola..

are you happy laaran, it's surely that you where wanted, no??
hm, your just a dog with no bone, looking for legs to bite... you should take some holidays instead of barking against everything flows threw your mind
Posted on 2006-07-14 01:56:14
i think that dreyfus was more the victime of something, than a true heros as could be their defenders zola and blum
I know there is this discussion today. I agree his is not an hero.
Victim, yes and no. He could ask for money in 1906. The opinion was supporting him. I think the Justice was fair to him.
Note : he had just 3 years in jail, not 20. In 1999, he was offered pardon.

it's a great fact, because there were a real slip of all the french population, some were for dreyfus, and some against him..
This is not accurate.
The opinion slowly changed from 1898 to 1906.
Thanks to Zola and all others.
Antisemitism was used in 1898 against Dreyfus, some French people were touched by this argument, some were not.
French people were not fighting againt antisemitism, but many were not supporting it.
Army was an authority. Army published that he was a spy. Most people just believed that. In 1896, most people just believed the army.

It happened again. During the fight against Algerian indepence.
Army lied again.
Posted on 2006-07-15 18:12:49
truth is the first victim of wars, you should know it laaran..
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