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Posted on 2006-08-21 22:04:28
Dear Cardigans,

When the tickets for the cancelled show went on sale here, i was very surprised by how cheap they were. Actually i was disappointed and almost offended! I don't go to a lot of shows anymore, but i know how steep the prices are for most shows, and these were PITIFULLY low. I don't want to see my very FAVORITE band to be going for lowly, bargain basement prices!

I realize from the posts above that financial concerns did not lead to the cancellation of the tour. But i LOVE The Cardigans and i want to see you folks getting decently reimbursed for your work, at least in line with the normal going rates which much lesser bands are going for!

And ... if there's a concern from a marketing perspective: a higher price could actually sell MORE tickets! Yes, it's paradoxical, but people often aren't attracted enough to buy something while it's cheap and readily available. But all of a sudden, when the price is doubled or tripled, it goes into the category of "gotta have it!". Anyway ..

Hope your budding families are doing well,
and that we'll see you live here next year!

Love, Spiritdog
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