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Posted on 2006-07-19 05:08:03
as we all know, the american tour has not yet been confirmed. BUT... this does not stop us from getting excited about prematurely announced dates, right?

in philadelphia, there is a tiny, but ABSOLUTELY GREAT venue called the first unitarian church. and that's exactly what it is. a church. mostly bands play in the basement. it's so intimate there because it's just the floor and the stage. no barriers. the stage is not super high. it's a great place for bands.

it's mostly a lot of punk bands and even more indie rock bands that play. and (again, perhaps prematurely) it was just announced that the cardigans are to play there on september 16th! this venue is a little under the radar, so i wanted to make sure if people are in the area to look for it., or to buy tickets.

i'm really hoping this date and location will stay intact once things are confirmed!! especially since the night before, the gossip are playing there (another really great band that should be checked out).
Posted on 2006-07-19 05:27:21
i'm jealous of the ones who get to go to this show...
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