Sister Soleil fans?
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Posted on 2006-07-25 05:22:43
I was just perusing through my cd collection and happened upon my Sister Soleil cds. She also went by Stella Soleil. Under that name she recorded her most famous hit "Kiss, Kiss". I have her first indy release and also her first major release. Her indy release was by far her best work, in my opinion. She was a local chicago girl. I remember my friends (one of whom went to school with her brother) dragging me to her shows. I'm thankful they did. She never really blew up like we expected her to. Although she's been connected with some talented people like Peter Gabriel, Ministry, Trent Reznor and so on. I was wondering if she made it across the pond. You should check her out. Especially her first indy release "Drown Me In You".
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