Why people should still buy Thom Yorke things?
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Posted on 2006-07-30 13:25:25
I mean... he cried and whispered and bored all his problems out with the microphone.

So... why not, let's just take back pure happiness and poetry and buy some Freddie Mercury-Queen stuff!!

The actual crappiness of today's Queen, doesn't reach anyway the super misunderstood as talent crappiness of boring Yorke's voice, anyway...

Freddie, we need you on a stage so much... We need to see you singing at full power and then loose happily your beautiful voice...


Thom, I need an help to clean my toilet while singing in underwear.. Do you wanna help me? Shall we play your last album meanwhile scratching the dirt?
Posted on 2006-07-30 17:01:56
hehee.. poor thom..
Posted on 2006-07-30 17:42:04
Poor Thom... ?

Became very rich with his poor vocal performances...
and it has been cleverly copied by million of singers...
who's got no voice at all but think "if he can sing that way, I can certainly do the same, covering the fact that my voice is bad with the "fragile soul sound" alibi" .. .. ...

Posted on 2006-07-31 03:08:01
I just listened to Thom's Eraser album a few days ago. It made me wonder about the mentality of British journalists. The reviews I read in Irish magazines and news-papers have rightly shitted all over the album. But British journalists have been praising the thing.

I like to think of myself as an experimental bloke - not afraid to listen to new types of music. But The Eraser is just a load of electronic bleeps, ticks and buzzing - with some wierd bloke groaning and breathing over it.

I even liked Amnesiac. OK Computer I could take or leave but - Amnesiac was the shit.
Posted on 2006-07-31 09:19:49
I really, really, really like 4 tracks on The Eraser: The Eraser, Analyze, Black Swan and Harrowdown Hill. The rest are nice enough but with no real discernable song structure there's not much for me to grab onto if you know what I mean. But it's a nice enough album and I can appreciate the ideas behind it and such... but as a whole it's not nearly as good as anything Radiohead's made. I still don't think the album is that experimental though. The songs I like are all straightforward pop songs to me, albeit with some unique touches. What I dislike about it is not the electronic blips and glitches (I actually really like that kind of stuff) but that there is a lack of good strong melodies.

And Thom's voice is gorgeous, shut up! ;-)
Posted on 2006-07-31 10:25:58
Lack of melodies = lack of songs...
Lack of songs = no reasons to made an entire album...

About irish/british music journalism: part of Ireland still be "british", but I don't wanna "laraanise" you know :)

Being an island (Britain) where capitalism is almost part of the breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast, capitalism and beans...) , it's obvious that the music magazines must push every single record that could be bought by the mass of pseudo-alternative teenagers or "deep 20-30 years old listeners"...

Prices of records are quite affordable in some british shops so... why not? "Let's buy the last Yorke album and Incubus triple dvd!!"

I mean... how many times I have to laugh about NME and all the crap they promote as genious? The only day I wasn't laughing about british music magazines is when one of those "for drummers" had on cover Meg White, laughing at her as the first of the worst quality drummers.

HAHA, poor poor uncool and super technical drummers, of all those "emo" "nu metal" "rock" bands... (again - unknown but already on drummer's magazines after just an album because of the teenage market)...

They think Meg White is shit behind the drums.. But they never ever had and will have a flippin' chance to play GOOD tunes like the White Stripes ones!!

And please... If you like Radiohead and admire their invention, go and buy also Mansun's records, cause radiohead were inspired by them (they said it!)

I'll feel happier :D
Posted on 2006-07-31 21:42:13
wait. so i SHOULDN'T go get thom yorkes album? hmmm and i heard so many good things. i guess i'll trust you guys instead of those know nothing "professionals"
Posted on 2006-08-01 08:57:03
I think that, you can only create some great art when you are unhappy...
Look at Van Gogh's dramatic life and the great pictures that he draw.
And Frida Kahlo!!! If she hadnt have this pains i dont think that she would draw this fabolous things...
Or Virginia Woolf, oh God she killed herself...
So, i think that Thom Yorke's works are worthy, and sooo artistic...
Posted on 2006-08-01 10:43:29
After all those beautiful examples about artists being inspired by their sadness, I thought you (waves) were gonna say that Yorke has nothing left to cry...
But.. NOOOOO!! You said the opposite thing!!
Thom Yorke is exactly like some money beggars on the road.. They know how to "make it" sad, they know how to look poor, they know some people would fall into the trick.

Unfortunately the only difference is that Mr Yorke begs for millions and has a chance to beg worldwide, on tv and radio and magazines, comfortably remainining sat on a chair, whatever he records on a cd...
And the beggars on the road have just a shitty corner with the sun on their face per hours or the rain for days. And a chance to reach few coins daily...

So, yeah, yeah... very artistic guy, uhm? Can't believe how many people can see and believe in a singer who does those facial expressions (another Yorke's disciple is Coldplay guy or - hahaha - Snow Patrol) to make people thinking "HOLD ON... I Should PAY ATTENTION NOW! HE really IS in PAIN!!"
But .. erhm... F.Off!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a Snow Patrol video in which the singer was showing his painful expressions while walking, copying Coldplay's guy, copying Yorke...
How unreal are those faces of pain?

Where's the sense of buying an album of somebody that was on camera making faces like if mosquitos were attacking his eyes (Snow Patrol!! haha), probably also stopping the acting and saying to the director "ok, I'll do it again, I'll start moaning and crying in playback from that sign" and then with total confidence starting the "sad acting" again... UHM?

I wanna see if the beggars (good or bad) have the opportunity to look sad with make up on, a million dollars camera crew, lights and contracts all around... THEY WILL SING OUT ALL THEIR HAPPYNESS!!!

So, basically: I don't trust any 1990's - 2000's singer that does facial sad expressions on camera.

They have just to go to shut up and get a decent job as clowns. If they know how to communicate the other feeling called happiness.
Posted on 2006-08-01 10:49:54
..."I was lossshhht... I was losshht..."

Well... It's a shame you then found the right way and a hollywood wife, Luv...
Posted on 2006-08-01 17:39:29
not even beck!??
Posted on 2006-08-03 11:18:19
can you please tell me why do you think that Mr. Yorke is a tricker?
isn't he that sad?
if he isn't, how can he be inspired by this pain?
if there is no pain, how could he write this lyrics?
and come on, he will earn much more money if he does some r'n'b or like that. Do you think that he earns closer to Snoop Dog? If he is a tricker, he will earn better by acting a rapper? won't he?
Posted on 2006-08-03 14:09:07
Well, the man isn't that bad ...
I'm a fan of RH so I have to say that :D

Chris Martin is totally "darker" than him :)

Posted on 2006-08-03 14:12:49
I'm a big fan of Radiohead too, I liked Thom's album. If he wasn't the lead singer of Radiohead I would have bought The Eraser too. It's not a WOW album but it's not that bad either IMO.
Posted on 2006-08-03 14:49:33
Emilianino wrote:
And please... If you like Radiohead and admire their invention, go and buy also Mansun's records, cause radiohead were inspired by them (they said it!)

and let me say this
3 music maesto : Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and the guy Thom Yorke ...

sorry to Emilianino, Paul Draper isn't on the list

Posted on 2006-08-04 12:31:02
I quite like him....
Posted on 2006-08-05 02:08:55
Ana Eunice
well Thom have made some good stuff and he really sings beautifully.....but yeah stop crying little boy grow up!!!! i like very much Radiohead most of all OK computer (who doesnt), The bends, and some Kid A.....not fond in electronics......LOVE ROCK AND ROLL!!! came on Thom stop playing arround with computers and do some serious things like the ones you used to do...
Posted on 2006-08-13 22:03:13
Uhm... The thread still be open, I've been to Dolomiti for a week :)

It's nice to see how many people likes Thom's things and have a go here on the thread.

Well... everything's ok. APART from Mike Adi's list of music maestri, putting Yorke after John Lennon and Jim Morrison!!!

In that way, well, what about Jarvis Cocker?? He can surely be on the same list, hopefully far away and before Thom! :D

Anyway... If you think that somebody crying all over forever it's nice to follow and support, well, fair enough.

BUT people like Paul Draper, c'mon... He gave his best with Mansun, composing virtually ALL kind of emotions-songs, singing beautifully and, especially, not caring of being pictured on faces shots, to make people thinking, once again, "oh, HE IS in pain" ...

Yorke 1 (own goal) - Draper 71

And, to answer to Waves...
I just say that Yorke's sadness is gone, is more making now the impression of himself...
I bet he probably has lots of moments in which he's composing a song, and it's an happy tune, and he thinks "No! Shit, if it's too happy millions of depressed fans will not buy this song..."

But, more or less, I'm sure is like that. He is gone. He can re-invent himself but it's too lazy to do it. Therefore, no reasons to buy a boring album by a "boring-repeating himself" singer.


And if you wanna try to feel another kind of bittersweet well composed sadness, download "Fall Out" by Mansun and then let me know what you think. Well... if you can, download also the next song "Serotonin", cause they go so well one after the other (like the album's set list) !

Ciao amici - means friends in italiano, for those who doesn't have strong latin origins :)

Emi x
Posted on 2006-08-14 08:32:53
Thanks Emilianino for sharing your ideas about Thom Yorke.
The people around me who listens to his music are only fans of him.
The others(who are not fans but know him) likes couple of his songs.
So i have never seen any bad thoughts about him around me.
It's a pleasure to see him from another window.
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