butch walker
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Posted on 2006-08-14 12:39:41
who hear has heard of this singer butch walker. He's fairly new. If you hve heard of him tell me what you think of him?
Posted on 2006-08-15 05:55:12
I heard about him on a radioshow and was interested because it sounded like a fun upbeat spin on some retro pop music. Kind of sounds like(early) Supergrass or them doing T-Rex songs. Got those 70's rock guitars!
From what I've heard it would be a great show to check out, I'd like to see 'em live in concert, I think they'd sound better(raw) than on CD.
Posted on 2006-08-30 07:25:46
Boy was I wrong. And forgetful. I didn't know the name, but I'd seen him perform in the Marvelous Three. Duh.
All I heard was a new single and it was catchy/retro.
Anyway I copied this from the Supernova (TV-allstar band-wants-singer reality show with Dave Navarro hosting Tommylee, Jason Newstead, Gilby Clarke):
Butch Walker
Supernova Album Producer

If you want a catchy tune, backed by good taste, great fun, admirable influences and solid songwriting skills, you needn't look any further than Butch Walker. The uniquely versatile singer, songwriter and producer can craft a song with undeniable appeal; working that necessary musical mojo other tune-sters only dream of creating.

The Atlanta native burst forth in the late 90's when his trio, the raucous, '70s-styled The Marvelous Three released their much acclaimed record "Hey! Album," spawning the hit single "Freak of the Week." A solo career followed with the records "Left of Self-Centered" and "Letters," both lauded for their effortless merging of personal introspection with power pop, rowdy, chunky riff rock in the spirit of Cheap Trick, Badfinger and Todd Rundgren.

As his output clearly proves, Walker knows and loves his sounds--the right kind of sounds--resulting in a winningly eclectic, highly praised range of producing credits. Walker's produced for Avril Lavigne, Pink, Bowling for Soup, The All American Rejects, Hot, Hot Heat and Tommy Lee on Lee's recent solo album, "Tommyland: The Ride." Among these artists, he crafted a massive success for Avril Lavigne with her song "My Happy Ending"--a number one hit and the major track on her nine-time platinum album "Under My Skin." He also composed two songs for Pink's newest album, "I'm Not Dead" while finding time to continue his much loved solo career and cut the record "The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and The Let's Go-Out-Tonites" for a July 11 release.

And then there's Supernova. As the super-group (comprised of Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted) audition their frontman/woman via "Rock Star: Supernova" in front of viewers worldwide, worthy collaborator Walker will serve as co-writer and producer of the band's eventual record--and that's something to be excited about. And Walker, whom Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed 2005's "Hot Producer of the Year," is also excited, stating, "I'm looking forward to whoever the new lead singer is going to be, so the guys can start corrupting their mind!" Indeed. If only we all could be blessed with such talented, influential and worthy corruption.
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