Hagstrom bass
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Posted on 2006-08-15 17:03:45
Magnus Sveningsson
Hey all!

Anyone has a fine Hagstrom Concord bass for sale to me?
Or an early super nice fender bass would work too... ;-)
Im in the shopping mood you see...

Posted on 2006-08-15 17:41:46
Ahmmm no ...
I have a "Maxtone Series".. but I dont think you could work in it... but its very nice bass for me :P ...
Last Saturday (12th) we play in a place called "City Bilar" in a very cool place in Mexico City, and well we play in your honor 2 songs "Fine Wine" & "My Favourite Game".. my bass sound very good!! .. no problems ... and also we play "Hards as a Stone" of Nina... in the next date, maybe we`re gonna play Hang Around! (the name of my band is called "Aldrig"....)

Well Take care and Luck with your bass buys! ;)
Posted on 2006-08-16 05:42:49
Those concords must be pretty rare, I saw a picture of a concord deluxe semi-acoustic bass on a UK Hagstrom site --whoa very classy bass!

I saw a late 60's 8-string Hagstrom, very cool in black, apparently Jimi Hendrix recorded with a model like this. Anyway you could check out Capsule is in Toronto and specializes in used/vintage they also have 1970 & 1971 P-bass in stock now.
Posted on 2006-08-18 13:56:23
If it's so good and rare, why people would sell it? Eh Magnus? :D

I still have my Premier old 80's drumkit and I'll wait as an old rock, until I'll be 99 to sell it!
To pay the clinics and the nurses, hehehe...
Posted on 2006-08-23 01:49:44
Found: 2 Concords for sale at in NY.
One is old and beat up,
the other much better... about $600. but ON HOLD. Hmm good luck, they ARE hard to find!
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