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Posted on 2006-08-17 13:28:57
Further to the question asked to Magnus. My band have started to do this song as part of our list.

To get a nice 'buzzy' effect on the bass, I actually go through one of the guitarists units - a digitech rp80. Don't know if it's a good unit myself, because i rarely use effects. The first time we played this there was just me using this & the lead guitarist doing Peter's bit, and vocalist, and it sounded cool as fook. really heavy sound.
Posted on 2006-08-18 10:31:58
Magnus Sveningsson
I can really recommend the FULLTONE BASS DRIVE. I use it on Godspell (full song) and partly on Little black Cloud, Drip drop teardrop and Fine wine. Perfect to recreate the bass thru DI and guitar amp which we used in the studio. Super nice!

Posted on 2006-08-18 10:57:17
Magnus, are you into the effects side of things? I don't really use them a lot to be honest. So far, on only one of our songs i use like an echoey effect on the bass - it just adds some kind of atmosphere to the track in question.

Virtually all our other songs i just like the clean, but heavy bass sound. I think this is to do with liking reggae, where of course the bass is very heavy.

Your bass parts on Fine Wine & Godspell are really quite heavy sounding aren't they? They really drive the songs along.

Us doing 'MFG' was the first time i've really used an effect and it was totally superb, and the fact that there were only bass & 1 guitar being played, yet the sound was so heavy.
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