Nina talks to Pitchfork...
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Posted on 2006-08-18 22:31:24
...about the cancelled tour and the US release of SEG:
Posted on 2006-08-18 22:48:34
Thanks for the link, clears up alot of questions.
Posted on 2006-08-19 03:30:10
Yes.. clear many doubts!

Posted on 2006-08-19 04:19:19
Nice interview. But no bonus tracks? :(
Posted on 2006-08-19 09:07:34
i love the part where she's talking about the so respectfull japanese audiance...

it should be a great teerible stage experience.. when you used to get some applause, scream and shout after the song and nothing happened..(silence)
i would not be on stage at this moment.. it must be as a few brainstorming of doubt moment.. hihihi..
japanese are japanese, it's good to know it before.. ;)
Posted on 2006-08-19 09:37:45
I'm glad it's definately getting a US release. It doesn't seem like it's going to recieve any promotion though, which sucks.
Posted on 2006-08-20 10:57:08
miguel88 wrote:
Nice interview. But no bonus tracks? :(

The guy (Matthew) typed "bonus-free" tracklisting - if there were no bonus items on the CD at all, he wouldn't have bothered saying anything like that. That makes me think there will be bonus items, but they're just not confirmed yet or something - so he just typed the regular tracklisting...

The "year of exclusivity" runs out on the bonus tracks next month - so I wouldn't be surprised if the US edition had all 3 bonus tracks, and maybe enhanced with the videos or something. Koch refused Less Like Me last time around, so I doubt they'd bother with that this time around aswell. And they already issued For The Boys.
Posted on 2006-08-20 18:17:31
koch is usually quite good when it comes to release extra material for the american market, as far as i know.
they released all ian brown records two years ago, each with about 3 different bonus tracks..better than the original ones.
Posted on 2006-08-20 20:10:35
^ But SEG is gonna be released by Nettwerk not Koch.

About bonus tracks: the tracklist on both Nettwerk's website and Amazon is the regular 11-track. No bonus tracks.
Posted on 2006-08-20 20:43:42
you're right of course.
i think nettwerk's gonna have a hard time selling the cd now. i mean, i think many fans already have ordered some version over the internet and without much promo, how are they gonna sell it big time?
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